James Rennie
James Rennie FRS  was a Scottish
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In 1815 he graduated M.A. from Glasgow University where he had previously studied natural sciences, and took holy orders. In 1821 he moved to London
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. From 1830 to 1834 he was professor of natural history
Natural history
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 and zoology
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 at King's College
King's College London
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. From then on he made his living as a natural history author. Rennie was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1845.

Rennie eventually emigrated to Australia
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, where he ran the College High School in Elizabeth Street, Sydney, with an emphasis on the Arts and Natural History.


He wrote, among many other books, The Natural History of Insects published by John Murray
John Murray (publisher)
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 (1829) co-authored by John Obadiah Westwood
John Obadiah Westwood
John Obadiah Westwood was an English entomologist and archaeologist also noted for his artistic talents.Born in Sheffield, he studied to be a lawyer but abandoned that for his scientific interests....

;Insect Architecture (1830), a very popular work originally in the Library of Entertaining Knowledge but reissued in 1857 John Murray and Alphabet of Botany for use of beginners (1834).


(Rennie,James) 1831. The Architecture of Birds. The Library of Entertaining Knowledge. London: Charles Knight, Pall Mall East.

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