James Beattie
James Beattie may refer to:
  • James Beattie (writer)
    James Beattie (writer)
    Professor James Beattie FRSE was a Scottish poet, moralist and philosopher.He was born the son of a shopkeeper and small farmer at Laurencekirk in the Mearns, and educated at Aberdeen University. In 1760, he was appointed Professor of moral philosophy there as a result of the interest of his...

  • James Beattie (footballer)
    James Beattie (footballer)
    James Scott Beattie is an English footballer who currently plays for Sheffield United as a striker.Born in Lancaster, Lancashire he came through the ranks at Blackburn Rovers eventually signing professionally for them in 1995...

     (born 1978), English footballer
  • Jim Beattie
    Jim Beattie
    James Louis Beattie is a former Major League Baseball player and executive who pitched in the major leagues from –....

     (born 1954), baseball player
  • Jim Beattie (musician)
    Jim Beattie (musician)
    Jim Beattie is a Scottish musician who founded Primal Scream and later went on to form Spirea X and Adventures in Stereo.-Biography:Beattie formed Primal Scream in 1982 along with Bobby Gillespie...

    , Scottish rock musician

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  • Beatties
    Beatties is a British department store group with 7 stores located primarily in the Midlands of England. In 2005 James Beattie was acquired by House of Fraser, then having 12 stores. On , the Birmingham store closed, due to the uneconomical aspects of having two similar House of Fraser owned stores...

     James Beattie Ltd., a group of Department Stores within the House of Fraser Group
  • James Beatty (disambiguation)
  • James Beaty (disambiguation)
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