Iveco Daily
The Iveco Daily is a large van produced by Iveco
Iveco, an acronym for Industrial Vehicle Corporation, originally an alliance of European commercial vehicle manufacturers such as Fiat , Unic and Magirus. Iveco is now an Italian truck, bus, and diesel engine manufacturer, based in Turin...

 from 1978; it was sold also as Fiat Daily until 1983. It is also available as a minibus
A minibus or minicoach is a passenger carrying motor vehicle that is designed to carry more people than a multi-purpose vehicle or minivan, but fewer people than a full-size bus. In the United Kingdom, the word "minibus" is used to describe any full-sized passenger carrying van. Minibuses have a...


First generation (1978–1990)

The first series Daily was offered with two models, the 35 and the 50 (3.5 and 5.0 tons). The larger one (Daily 50) had load capacity up to 17 m³. In 1980, a turbodiesel
Turbodiesel refers to any diesel engine with a turbocharger. Turbocharging is the norm rather than the exception in modern car and truck diesel engines...

 version named "TurboDaily" was introduced.

Second generation (1990–2000)

The second generation Daily was introduced in 1990, with a totally revised cab and improvements on the Sofim engine (at that time, with a 2.5 L capacity). Following the entry of Ford's commercial operation into Iveco,in 1986, The Daily 3.5 ton was soon removed from the UK market as it was now direct competition with Fords Transit, the Daily stayed on in the UK at rated above 4.0 ton, and now sold as Iveco-Ford Truck. The Daily has no other connection with the Transit.

The second generation was facelifted in 1996; it differs only slightly exterior-wise, but the engine was now available in 2.8-litre capacity 76 KW (103 hp). The 59-12 (chassis cabs and panel vans) and 59-13 (minibus) models were launched (GVW 6.4 tons). All-wheel-drive variants were also made available.

Third generation (2000–2006)

With third series the Daily got new light groups (wider and lower). The Turbodaily name was dropped as all turbodiesels came with Unijet technology (common rail). Two new versions were released: "Agile", with automatic gearshift, and "CNG", a natural gas
Compressed natural gas
Compressed natural gas is a fossil fuel substitute for gasoline , diesel, or propane/LPG. Although its combustion does produce greenhouse gases, it is a more environmentally clean alternative to those fuels, and it is much safer than other fuels in the event of a spill...

 version. Also two new load classes were introduced: Daily 65 and Daily 28 (6.5 tons and 2.8 tons). The Iveco Daily was made "Van of the Year" for the year 2000.
Apart from a revised grille and lights the third series Daily is now 'bodily' clearly a Renault Master. Most glass and body panels are directly transferable.

Fourth generation (2006–2011)

The current generation was designed by Giugiaro and arrived to markets in the middle of 2006. It's available as: Van, cabin cruiser, Combi, Minibus, Agile, and CNG. The minibus is also commercialized with the Irisbus
Irisbus is a bus manufacturer which was formed through the merger of the bus and coach divisions of Fiat Industrial, Iveco and Renault in January 1999 and Ikarus Bus in late 1999...


For the first time since the year 2000, an all wheel drive version of the Daily is available starting from 2007. This is developed in co-operation with the company SCAM and is available as single cab and double cab with the wheelbases 3050 mm (120.1 in) and 3400 mm (133.9 in) and double cab with wheelbase of 3400 mm (133.9 in). Permissible total weight in two versions: 3500 kg (7,716.2 lb) or 5500 kg (12,125.4 lb).


  • 2.3 HPI 96 PS and 116 PS
  • 2.3 HPT 136 PS
  • 3.0 HPI 146 PS
  • 3.0 HPT 176 PS
  • 3.0 CNG 136 PS

Fifth generation (2011–)

The fifth generation was introduced June 29, 2011 and will be marketed at the beginning of September.

Electric Version with Zebra Battery

A version powered by a 30 kW (40 HP) electric motor
Electric motor
An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.Most electric motors operate through the interaction of magnetic fields and current-carrying conductors to generate force...

 (60 kW peak) supplied by a battery with a capacity of 76 Ah and 21.2 Kwh was announced in August 2010.


  • 40.10 WM (4 x 4) 1,500 kg light truck series - Officially the VM 90
    Iveco VM 90
    The Iveco VM 90 is an Italian multirole military vehicle. It is a hybrid, somewhere between a truck and tactical SUV, manufactured by Iveco, on the base of the Iveco Daily...

    military version of the Daily, which includes an armored variant.

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