Interpeduncular cistern
The interpeduncular cistern (basal cistern or Fossa interpeduncularis) is a wide cavity where the arachnoid
Arachnoid may refer to:*Relating to arachnids*Arachnoid mater, a layer of the meninges, membranes that contain the central nervous system*Arachnoid , a geological structure found only on the planet Venus...

 extends across between the two temporal lobe
Temporal lobe
The temporal lobe is a region of the cerebral cortex that is located beneath the Sylvian fissure on both cerebral hemispheres of the mammalian brain....


It encloses the cerebral peduncle
Cerebral peduncle
Mainly, the three common areas that give rise to the cerebral peduncles are the cortex, the spinal cord and the cerebellum. The cerebral peduncle, by most classifications, is everything in the mesencephalon except the tectum. The region includes the midbrain tegmentum, crus cerebri and pretectum...

s and the structures contained in the interpeduncular fossa
Interpeduncular fossa
The Interpeduncular fossa is a somewhat lozenge-shaped area of the base of the brain, limited in front by the optic chiasma, behind by the antero-superior surface of the pons, antero-laterally by the converging optic tracts, and postero-laterally by the diverging cerebral peduncles.The structures...

, and contains the arterial circle of Willis
Circle of Willis
The Circle of Willis is a circle of arteries that supply blood to the brain...

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