Insulator may refer to:
  • Insulator (electrical), a substance that resists the flow of electric current
  • Insulator (genetics)
    Insulator (genetics)
    An insulator is a genetic boundary element that plays two distinct roles in gene expression, either as an enhancer-blocking element, or more rarely as a barrier against condensed chromatin proteins spreading onto active chromatin...

    , an element in the genetic code
  • Thermal insulation
    Thermal insulation
    Thermal insulation is the reduction of the effects of the various processes of heat transfer between objects in thermal contact or in range of radiative influence. Heat transfer is the transfer of thermal energy between objects of differing temperature...

    , a material used to resist the flow of heat
  • Building insulation
    Building insulation
    building insulation refers broadly to any object in a building used as insulation for any purpose. While the majority of insulation in buildings is for thermal purposes, the term also applies to acoustic insulation, fire insulation, and impact insulation...

    , a material used in building construction to prevent heat loss
  • A Mott insulator
    Mott insulator
    Mott insulators are a class of materials that should conduct electricity under conventional band theories, but are insulators when measured...

    , a type of electrical insulator
  • Topological insulator
    Topological insulator
    A topological insulator is a material that behaves as an insulator in its interior or bulk while permitting the movement of charges on its surface....

    , a material that behaves as an insulator in its interior while permitting the movement of charges on its boundary
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