Independent Liberal Party (Nicaragua)
The Independent Liberal Party (Partido Liberal Independiente - PLI) is a Nicaraguan centre-right
The centre-right or center-right is a political term commonly used to describe or denote individuals, political parties, or organizations whose views stretch from the centre to the right on the left-right spectrum, excluding far right stances. Centre-right can also describe a coalition of centrist...

 political party separated from Somoza
The Somoza family was an influential political dynasty who ruled Nicaragua as an hereditary dictatorship. Their influence exceeded their combined 43 years in the de facto presidency, as they were the power behind the other presidents of the time through their control of the National Guard...

's Nationalist Liberal Party
Nationalist Liberal Party
The Nationalist Liberal Party is a centre-right political party in Nicaragua. It was established by Anastasio Somoza García in the 1930s. When it was formed, it drew its members mainly from factions within the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party....

 (PLN) in 1944, and formed in 1947. PLI participated in 1984 election, winning 9.6% of vote for President with its candidate Virgilio Godoy. In 1990 it was part of the National Opposition Union
National Opposition Union
National Opposition Union was a wide-range cartel of opposition parties formed to contest Nicaragua's president Daniel Ortega in 1990 election. Its candidate Violeta Chamorro eventually won the race...

 -a broad alliance of Sandinista regime opponents- with Virgilio Godoy running as the vice-presidential candidate. As of 2006, PLI is part of Montealegre
Eduardo Montealegre
Eduardo Montealegre is a Nicaraguan politician. He ran for president in the 2006 general election as the candidate of the Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance a spin-off of the Constitutional Liberal Party in alliance with other liberal parties and the Conservative Party...

's Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance
Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance
The Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance is a political party in Nicaragua. It was started in 2005 by Eduardo Montealegre and other members of the Constitutional Liberal Party who opposed former President of the country Arnoldo Alemán's continued control of the PLC even after he had been found guilty of...

 in the Nicaraguan general election, 2006
Nicaraguan general election, 2006
Nicaragua held a general election on 5 November 2006. The country's voters went to the polls to elect a new President of the Republic and 90 members of the National Assembly, all of whom will serve five-year terms...

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