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An icon
An icon is a religious work of art, most commonly a painting, from Eastern Christianity and in certain Eastern Catholic churches...

, from the Greek for image, is a religious painting in the tradition of Eastern Christianity.

Icon(s) also may refer to:

Literature and printed media

  • Icon (novel)
    Icon (novel)
    Icon is an thriller novel by British author Frederick Forsyth. Its plot centres around the politics of the Russian Federation in 1999, with an extremist party close to seizing power...

    , a 1997 fiction novel by Frederick Forsyth
  • iCon: Steve Jobs
    ICon: Steve Jobs
    iCon: Steve Jobs, The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business is an unauthorized biography by Jeffrey S. Young and William L. Simon about the return of Steve Jobs to Apple Inc in 1996...

    , a 2005 biography of Steve Jobs by Jeffrey Young
  • ICON (novel), a 2010 fiction novel by Bodie and Brock Thoene
  • Icon Magazine
    Icon Magazine
    Icon Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine set up in 2005 by ex-professional footballers Tim Sherwood and Jamie Redknapp along with Redknapp's wife Louise. The magazine is the first venture of Redknapp Publications and its readership is exclusive as it is not sold in shops and it is aimed at a...

    , a fashion and celebrity magazine
  • Icon (comics)
    Icon (comics)
    Icon is a fictional superhero, a comic book character published by DC Comics. An original character from DC's Milestone Comics imprint, he first appeared in Icon #1 , and was created by Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan...

    , a Milestone/DC comic book superhero
  • Icon Comics
    Icon Comics
    Icon Comics is an imprint of Marvel Comics for creator-owned titles, designed to keep select "A-list" creators producing for Marvel rather than seeing them take creator-owned work to other publishers.-History:...

    , a Marvel comics imprint
  • ICON Group International, a publisher of automatically generated books compiled from Internet sources
  • ICON Health Publications, an imprint of ICON Group International

Film and television

  • Icon (film)
    Icon (film)
    Icon is a Hallmark Channel original television film directed by Charles Martin Smith and based on the novel by Frederick Forsyth. The film premiered on the network May 30, 2005...

    , a 2005 thriller film
  • "Icon" (Stargate SG-1), a 2004 television episode of Stargate SG-1
  • Icons (TV series)
    Icons (TV series)
    Icons was a documentary TV show on G4 that originally focused on significant people, companies, products, history, and milestones in world of video games. It was relaunched in 2006 and focused entirely on pop culture. It was cancelled soon afterwards....

    , an American documentary TV show


  • Icon (band)
    Icon (band)
    Icon is an American heavy metal/glam metal band that formed in 1981, disbanding in 1990.-Formation:Originally known as Schoolboys, Icon was formed in 1981, in Phoenix, Arizona by high school friends Dan Wexler , Stephen Clifford and Tracy Wallach . They were joined by David Henzerling and John...

    , an American heavy metal/glam metal band (1981–1990)
  • Icon (Icon album)
    Icon (Icon album)
    Icon was the self-titled debut album by the hard rock and glam metal band Icon. It included their biggest metal radio hit song, "On Your Feet".-Tracklist:#" Through the Night" - - 3:31...

  • Icon (Paradise Lost album)
    Icon (Paradise Lost album)
    Icon is the fourth studio album recorded by British doom metal/gothic band Paradise Lost in 1993. This marked the end of their early death/doom sound.-Track listing:#"Embers Fire" – 4:44#"Remembrance" – 3:26#"Forging Sympathy" – 4:43...

    , a 1993 metal album by Paradise Lost
  • Icon (Wetton and Downes album) (2005)
  • Icon (Benighted album)
    Icon (Benighted album)
    -Personnel:Benighted* Julien Truchan – vocals* Olivier Gabriel – guitar* Liem N'Guyen – guitar* Eric Lombard – bass* Kevin Foley – drumsGuest musicians* Karsten "Jagger" Jäger – vocals on "Human Circles"Production...

  • DAAS Icon
    DAAS Icon
    DAAS Icon is the first studio album recorded and released by Australian comedy trio, the Doug Anthony All Stars. Released in 1990, it features the singles "I Want to Spill the Blood of a Hippy" and "Bottle"...

    , a 1990 comedy album by Doug Anthony All Stars
  • Icons (None More Black album)
    Icons (None More Black album)
    Icons is the third studio album by None More Black, to be released on Fat Wreck Chords on October 26, 2010. It is the first album to feature new drummer Richard Minino.Writing began in February 2009.- Track listing :...

    , an upcoming 2010 punk album
  • Icon (album series), a series of compilation albums
    • Icon (Billy Currington album)
      Icon (Billy Currington album)
      -Critical reception:Icon received three stars out of five from Thom Jurek of Allmusic. Jurek notes the album is "for those who came late to the party […] or are simply looking for a prime [Billy Currington] playlist."-Chart performance:...

    • Icon (Billy Ray Cyrus album)
      Icon (Billy Ray Cyrus album)
      Icon is the title of an album released on March 1, 2011, from country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus. The album was released via Universal Music Group Nashville's Mercury Nashville division. The album features 12 songs that were featured on Cyrus' first three studio albums.-Critical:Thom Jurek of...

    • Icon (Bryan Adams album) (2010)
    • Icon (George Strait album)
      Icon (George Strait album)
      -Chart performance:...

    • Icon (Hole album)
      Icon (Hole album)
      Icon is a compilation album by American alternative rock band, Hole, due to be released in 2011.-Background and history:Icon is due to be the band's first greatest hits collection and second compilation album, next to 1997's My Body, the Hand Grenade...

    • Icon (Josh Turner album)
      Icon (Josh Turner album)
      -Critical reception:Icon received three and a half stars out of five from Thom Jurek of Allmusic. Jurek notes the album "is all one needs for a definitive Turner playlist without any filler."-Chart performance:...

    • Icon (Lynyrd Skynyrd album) (2010)
    • Icon (Nirvana album) (2010)


  • Computer icon
    Computer icon
    A computer icon is a pictogram displayed on a computer screen and used to navigate a computer system or mobile device. The icon itself is a small picture or symbol serving as a quick, intuitive representation of a software tool, function or a data file accessible on the system. It functions as an...

    , a pictogram used in a graphical user interface
  • Icon (programming language), a high-level programming language
  • Unisys ICON
    Unisys ICON
    The ICON was a computer built specifically for use in schools, to fill a standard created by the Ontario Ministry of Education. They were widely used, mostly in high schools in the mid- to late 1980s, but disappeared after that time with the widespread introduction of PCs and Apple Macintoshes...

    , a computer built in the 1980s
    ICON-SCM is a supply chain solution provider located in Karlsruhe , San Jose and Thiruvananthapuram. The company was founded in 1992 by Dr. Michael Keppler and Dr...

    , a supply chain solution provider

Science fiction conventions

  • ICON (Iowa science fiction convention)
    Icon (Iowa science fiction convention)
    ICON is an annual science fiction convention held in the Cedar Rapids/ Iowa City area of Iowa since 1975, usually in late October or early November, under the auspices of the Mindbridge Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation which also sponsors the Gamicon and AnimeIowa conventions.ICON is run by...

  • I-CON
    I-CON is a yearly fan convention, held on the campus of the State University of New York at Stony Brook on Long Island, in Suffolk County, New York. First held in 1982, I-CON has become a very eclectic convention...

    , an American science fiction fan convention
  • ICon festival
    ICon festival
    ICon is an Israeli Science Fiction and Fantasy fan convention held annually in the Tel Aviv Cinemateque during the Sukkot holiday. The name ICon is a shortening of the phrase Israeli Convention. The first ICon was held in 1998 and was presented as a convention...

    , an Israeli science fiction and fantasy fan convention
  • List of ICON science fiction conventions


  • ICoN (consortium), a consortium of 21 Italian universities, focusing on philology
  • Def Jam: Icon
    Def Jam: Icon
    Def Jam: Icon is a fighting game, and is the third in Electronic Arts's Def Jam-licensed hip hop video game series. The game was developed by EA Chicago, developers of Fight Night Round 3 and is the first Def Jam game not to be developed by AKI Corporation. Unlike the previous games in the series,...

    , a 2007 fighting video game
  • Icon Productions
    Icon Productions
    Icon Productions LLC is an American independent production company founded in August 1989 by actor/director Mel Gibson and Australian producing partner Bruce Davey.-History:Icon started when Gibson was having trouble in financing the 1990 film Hamlet...

    , an American independent production company
  • ICON Health & Fitness
    ICON Health & Fitness
    ICON Health and Fitness, Inc. is an exercise equipment manufacturer and marketer based in Logan, Utah, United States.-Company overview:ICON Health and Fitness is the world’s largest manufacturer of exercise equipment. The privately held company employs about 2500 people in 9 locations, including...

    , an exercise equipment manufacturer and marketer based in Logan, Utah, United States.
  • Icon A5
    ICON A5
    The ICON A5 is an American amphibious light-sport aircraft being developed by ICON Aircraft. A concept aircraft was flown in 2008 but production has not started.-Design:...

    , an amphibious Light Sport Aircraft
  • Icon Theatre
    Icon Theatre
    Icon Theatre is a UK touring theatre company producing visual and physical theatre. Icon theatre is run by Nancy Hirst and Sally Armstrong .-Productions:* Hard Times, Warehouse Theatre, 2008.* Gradgrind, UK Tour, 2008....

    , a British theatre company
  • ICON, the Institute of Conservation
    Institute of Conservation
    The Institute of Conservation is the lead voice for the conservation of cultural heritage in the UK, with over three thousand individuals and organizations in membership, including professional conservators in all disciplines as well as others who share a commitment to improving the understanding...

  • International Council on Nanotechnology
    International Council on Nanotechnology
    The International Council on Nanotechnology is an international, multi-stakeholder group committed to developing and communicating information regarding potential environmental and health risks of nanotechnology, thereby fostering risk reduction while maximizing societal benefit...

    , a group concerned with risks and use of nanotechnology
  • Ionospheric Connection Explorer
    Ionospheric Connection Explorer
    Ionospheric Connection Explorer is a proposed mission in NASA's Explorer program designed to study the variability of Earth's ionosphere. That variability can interfere with communications and geopositioning signals. The principal investigator is Thomas Immel of the University of California,...

    , a proposed exploration mission studying Earth's ionosphere
  • Hotel Icon
    Hotel Icon
    Hotel ICON is a boutique hotel located in downtown Houston, Texas, USA. Owned by Destination Hotels & Resorts Inc. Located in the former Union National Bank building that was constructed in 1911, the hotel was designed by San Francisco design firm Candra Scott & Anderson at the cost of $35 million...

    , a boutique hotel located in Houston, Texas, USA

See also

  • Digital on-screen graphic
    Digital on-screen graphic
    A digital on-screen graphic is a watermark-like station logo that many television broadcasters overlay over a portion of the screen-area of their programs to identify the channel...

    , a logo or icon displayed on screen
  • Iconography
    Iconography is the branch of art history which studies the identification, description, and the interpretation of the content of images. The word iconography literally means "image writing", and comes from the Greek "image" and "to write". A secondary meaning is the painting of icons in the...

    , the content of images, and the study of that subject
  • Iconicity
    In functional-cognitive linguistics, as well as in semiotics, iconicity is the conceived similarity or analogy between the form of a sign and its meaning, as opposed to arbitrariness.Iconic principles:...

    , in linguistics
  • Pictogram
    A pictograph, also called pictogram or pictogramme is an ideogram that conveys its meaning through its pictorial resemblance to a physical object. Pictographs are often used in writing and graphic systems in which the characters are to considerable extent pictorial in appearance.Pictography is a...

  • Dungeons & Dragons iconic characters
    Dungeons & Dragons iconic characters
    The iconic characters in Dungeons & Dragons are a series of characters developed for the 3rd edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game to be used as recurring characters in illustrations and text explanations to illustrate archetypal D&D race and class combinations...

  • Widely recognized symbols:
    • Secular icon
      Secular icon
      A secular icon is an image or pictograph of a person or thing used for other than religious purpose. -Icons versus symbols:...

      , an image of a person or thing used for other than religious purpose
    • Cultural icon
      Cultural icon
      A cultural icon can be a symbol, logo, picture, name, face, person, building or other image that is readily recognized and generally represents an object or concept with great cultural significance to a wide cultural group...

      , a visual identity that is associated with cultural significance to a cultural group
    • Gay icon
      Gay icon
      A gay icon is a public figure who is embraced by many within :lesbian, :gay, :bisexual and :transgender communities...

      , an LGBT cultural icon
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