I.L.P.A.P. was a public Greek company, part of the general Athens Mass Transit System
Athens Mass Transit System
The Athens Mass Transit System is the largest mass transit system of Greece. The system serves all areas in Athens Metropolitan Area and other parts of Attica Region.-Companies:...

, responsible for the operation of the trolleybus
A trolleybus is an electric bus that draws its electricity from overhead wires using spring-loaded trolley poles. Two wires and poles are required to complete the electrical circuit...

es network. ILPAP was founded on December 14, 1970 and since 1998 the company was owned by the Athens Urban Transport Organisation (Organismos Astikon Syngoinonion Athinon - OASA, Greek: Οργανισμός Αστικών Συγκοινωνιών Αθηνών - Ο.Α.Σ.Α.), a public company.

In March 2011, the Greek Government passed Law 3920 to merge ILPAP with the bus company ETHEL S.A. The resulting company is named "OSY S.A." and is a subsidiary of OASA S.A. The merger was officially announced on June 10, 2011. While merger at the top management level took place immediately, integration of the former companies at operations and support level proceeds slowly.

The network consists of 22 trolleybus routes which cover 390 kilometers in Athens and Piraeus area. The fleet consists of 366 trolleybuses, made by Neoplan
NEOPLAN Bus GmbH is a German automotive company that manufactures buses, trolleybuses and coaches. NEOPLAN is now a subsidiary of NEOMAN Bus GmbH, which itself is a part of MAN SE.-Foundations:...

 and Van Hool
Van Hool
Van Hool NV is a Belgian coachbuilder and manufacturer of buses, coaches, trolleybuses, and trailers.The company was founded in 1947 by Bernard van Hool in Koningshooikt, nearby Lier, Belgium. In the early years, the company introduced serial production and exported their products all over Europe...

, 51 of which are articulated. 10,6 million kilometers are covered and 80 million passengers are transported per year. As of May 2011 the company had about 1200 employees.


1 Attikis Sq. - Tzitzifies - Moschato
2 Ano Kypseli - Pagkrati - Kaisariani
3 Nea Filadelfia - Ano Patissia - Girokomeio
4 Ano Kypseli - Agios Artemios - Agios Ioannis Metro St.
5 Lamprini - Syntagma Sq. - Tzitzifies
6 Ippokratous - N. Filadelfia - Kokkinos Mylos
7 Panepistimou - L.Alexandras (circular)
8 L.Alexandras - Panepistimiou (circular)
10 Tzitzifies - Halandri
11 Ano Patissia - N.Pagrati - N.Elvetia
12 Zappeio - Peristeri
13 Lamprini - Kaningos Sq. - N.Psychiko
14 Papadiamanti Sq. - L.Alexandras - Girokomeio
15 Petralona - Dikastiria - El.Venizelou
16 Ag.Ioannis Rentis - Piraeus (circular)
17 Piraeus - Ag. Georgios (circular)
18 Mousseio - Halandri (Ethn.Antistaseos)
19 Mousseio - Halandri Metro St.
20 N.Faliro - Kastella - Drapetsona
21 Athens - Nikaia
24 Petroupoli - Ilion - Ag.Antonios Metro St. (circular)
25 Kamatero - Ilion - Ag.Antonios Metro St. (circular)

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