Henry of Franconia
Henry a son of Count Poppo of Grapfeld
Poppo of Grapfeld
Poppo I was a Frankish count in the Grapfeld from 819–839. Probably a descendant of the Robertian count Cancor, he became the ancestor of the Frankish House of Babenberg ....

, one of the first Babenbergs, was the most important East Frankish general during the reign of Charles the Fat
Charles the Fat
Charles the Fat was the King of Alemannia from 876, King of Italy from 879, western Emperor from 881, King of East Francia from 882, and King of West Francia from 884. In 887, he was deposed in East Francia, Lotharingia, and possibly Italy, where the records are not clear...

. He was variously titled Count or Margrave of Saxony and Duke of Franconia.

Henry was the ancestral lord of a castle, Babenberg, on the River Main, around which the later city of Bamberg
Bamberg is a city in Bavaria, Germany. It is located in Upper Franconia on the river Regnitz, close to its confluence with the river Main. Bamberg is one of the few cities in Germany that was not destroyed by World War II bombings because of a nearby Artillery Factory that prevented planes from...

 was built. He enjoyed the favour of Charles the Fat and was his right-hand man in Germany during his reign. He led a surprise strike on a force of Vikings prior to the Siege of Asselt
Siege of Asselt
The Siege of Asselt was a Frankish siege of the Viking camp at Asselt in Frisia in the year 882. Though the Vikings were not forced by arms to abandon their camp, they were compelled to come to terms whereby their leader, Godfrid, was converted to Christianity....

, but it was unsuccessful. When, in 885, Charles summoned Hugh, Duke of Alsace
Hugh, Duke of Alsace
Hugh was the only son of Lothair II, an illegitimate child by his relationship with Waldrada. He did not inherit his father's kingdom, but he did receive a lot of lands and benefices in the Duchy of Alsace from Louis the German....

, and Godfrey, Duke of Frisia, to a court at Lobith
Lobith is a village in the Dutch province of Gelderland. It is located in the municipality of Rijnwaarden. Traditionally, it is said that the Rhine enters the Netherlands at Lobith, although in reality, this happens about 4 km further upstream, near Spijk....

, it was Henry who arrested them and had Godfrey executed and Hugh imprisoned on Charles' orders.

In 884, when Charles succeeded to the throne of West Francia, he sent Henry there to hold the March of Neustria
March of Neustria
The marches of Neustria were creations of the Carolingian king of West Francia covering the ancient Merovingian kingdom of Neustria. Originally, there were two marches, one against the Bretons and one against the Norsemen created by Charles the Bald in 861. These two marches are often called the...

 against the Vikings. In 886, he was sent to aid the besieged of Paris
Siege of Paris (885-886)
The Siege of Paris of 885 to 886 was a Viking siege of Paris, then capital of the kingdom of the West Franks. It was, in hindsight, the most important event of the reign of the Emperor Charles the Fat and a turning point in the fortunes of the Carolingian dynasty and the history of France.The...

. He did not stay long but returned later that year with Charles. However, he died in a skirmish with the Vikings while en route.


Henry has been speculated to have married Ingeltrude, daughter of Eberhard of Friuli
Eberhard of Friuli
Eberhard was the Frankish Duke of Friuli from 846. His name is alternatively spelled Everard, Evrard, Erhard, Eberhard, or Eberard, or in Latinized fashion Everardus, Eberardus, or Eberhardus. He wrote his own name "Evvrardus"...

 and Gisela, daughter of Louis the Pious
Gisela, daughter of Louis the Pious
Gisela was the youngest daughter of Louis the Pious and his second wife, Judith of Bavaria. She married the powerful and influential Evrard, Duke of Friuli, later canonized as Saint Evrard, with whom she had several children including King Berengar I of Italy, Margrave of Friuli, and Ingeltrude...

. A daughter of Berengar I of Neustria
Berengar I of Neustria
Berengar I was a 9th-century nobleman of East Francia, a son of Gebhard, Count of Lahngau, and younger brother of Udo. He and his brother were created Margraves of Neustria by Charles the Bald in 861....

, himself possibly a Conradine, has been suggested as another possible wife. Marriage with the latter would have been made possible and perhaps advisable by Henry's new position in Neustria and his dealings with the Vikings. Henry had one known daughter:
  • Hedwiga
    Hedwiga was the daughter of Henry of Franconia and his wife Ingeltrude. She married Otto I, Duke of Saxony . They had three sons, Henry , Thankmar and Liudolf , as well as a daughter, Oda. Oda married Zwentibold, King of Lotharingia....

    , married Otto I, Duke of Saxony
    Otto I, Duke of Saxony
    Otto , called the Illustrious by later authors, was the Duke of Saxony from 880 to his death. He was the younger son of Duke Liudolf of Saxony and his wife Oda of Billung, and succeeded his brother Bruno as duke after the latter's death in battle in 880...

It has also been suggested that Henry had a son, named either Henry or, on the basis of onomastics
Onomastics or onomatology is the study of proper names of all kinds and the origins of names. The words are from the Greek: "ὀνομαστικός" , "of or belonging to naming" and "ὀνοματολογία" , from "ὄνομα" "name". Toponymy or toponomastics, the study of place names, is one of the principal branches of...

, Berenger, who is to be identified with Berengar II of Neustria
Berengar II of Neustria
Berengar II was the Count of Bayeux and Rennes and Margrave of the Breton March from 886 until his death a decade later.Berengar's kin became the first Gallo-speaking lords holding residence within Brittany , as a consequence of the Breton nobility being more or less broken under the Norman...

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