Hedwiga was the daughter of Henry of Franconia
Henry of Franconia
Henry , a son of Count Poppo of Grapfeld, one of the first Babenbergs, was the most important East Frankish general during the reign of Charles the Fat. He was variously titled Count or Margrave of Saxony and Duke of Franconia....

 (died ~886) and his wife Ingeltrude. She married Otto I, Duke of Saxony
Otto I, Duke of Saxony
Otto , called the Illustrious by later authors, was the Duke of Saxony from 880 to his death. He was the younger son of Duke Liudolf of Saxony and his wife Oda of Billung, and succeeded his brother Bruno as duke after the latter's death in battle in 880...

 (851-912). They had three sons, Henry (who succeeded his father as Duke of Saxony), Thankmar and Liudolf (who both died young), as well as a daughter, Oda. Oda married Zwentibold
Zwentibold was the illegitimate son of the Carolingian Emperor Arnulf of Carinthia. In 895 his father, then king of East Francia, granted him the Kingdom of Lotharingia, which he ruled until his death.After his death he was declared a saint and martyr by the Catholic Church.- Life :Zwentibold...

, King of Lotharingia.
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