Heiric of Auxerre
Heiric of Auxerre was a French Benedictine
Benedictine refers to the spirituality and consecrated life in accordance with the Rule of St Benedict, written by Benedict of Nursia in the sixth century for the cenobitic communities he founded in central Italy. The most notable of these is Monte Cassino, the first monastery founded by Benedict...

 theologian and writer.

He was an oblate
Oblate (religion)
An oblate in Christian monasticism is a person who is specifically dedicated to God or to God's service. Currently, oblate has two meanings:...

 of the monastery
Monastery denotes the building, or complex of buildings, that houses a room reserved for prayer as well as the domestic quarters and workplace of monastics, whether monks or nuns, and whether living in community or alone .Monasteries may vary greatly in size – a small dwelling accommodating only...

 of St. Germanus of Auxerre, from a young age. He studied with Servatus Lupus and Haymo of Auxerre. His own students included Remigius of Auxerre
Remigius of Auxerre
Remigius of Auxerre was a Benedictine monk during the Carolingian period, a teacher of Latin grammar, and a prolific author of commentaries on classical Greek and Latin texts...

 and Hucbald
Hucbald was a Frankish music theorist, composer, teacher, writer, hagiographer, and Benedictine monk...


His Miracula sancti Germani was a verse life of St. Germanus. Other works include his Collectaeum, a homiliary, and glosses on the Categoriae decem
Categoriae decem
The Categoriae decem, also known as the Ten Categories and as the Paraphrasis Themistiana, was a Latin summary of the Categories of Aristotle. It is thought to date to the fourth century. Once and traditionally attributed to St...


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