Hack (album)
Hack is an album by freestyle
Freestyle music
Freestyle or Latin freestyle, sometimes referred to as Latin hip hop, is a form of electronic dance music that emerged in the early 1980s. Mostly popular during the mid 80s to the early 90s...

 synth-pop band Information Society
Information Society (band)
Information Society is an American band originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, primarily consisting of Kurt Larson , Paul Robb, and James Cassidy; the latter two reconvened the band in 2006, initially with Christopher Anton as lead vocalist, then with Harland rejoining them as lead vocalist by...

. The album sold quite well but did not outsell its smash debut album. It is the only major-label-distributed title that has the modern Tommy Boy Records logo on it.

Track listing

  1. "Seek 200" (Harland) — 3:06
  2. "How Long" (Robb) — 4:06
  3. "Think" (Information Society) — 4:42
    • "Wenn Wellen Schwingen" — 0:24
  4. "A Knife & a Fork" (Information Society) — 3:03
    • "R.I.P." — 0:20
  5. "Now That I Have You" (Information Society) — 5:04
  6. "Fire Tonight" (Harland) — 5:39
  7. "Can't Slow Down" (Robb) — 4:44
    • "T.V. Addicts" — 0:31
  8. "Hard Currency" (Harland) — 2:34
  9. "Move Out" (Information Society) — 3:58
    • "CP Drill KKL" (Harland, Maher) — 0:37
  10. "Mirrorshades" (Robb) — 5:29
    • "We Don't Take" — 0:10
  11. "Hack 1" (Information Society) — 3:23
    • "Charlie X" — 0:11
  12. "If Only" (Robb) — 4:06
  13. "Come With Me" (Harland, Maher) — 4:23
  14. "Slipping Away" (Harland) — 3:58
    • "Here Is Kazmeyer" (Cassidy) — 0:15
  15. "Chemistry" (Robb) — 2:12

Note: the sub-listings under several main tracks are index 2, while each of the main tracks is index 1. These are listed as the decimal
The decimal numeral system has ten as its base. It is the numerical base most widely used by modern civilizations....

 part of the track number on the back cover of the jewel case. For example, "Slipping Away" is 14.1, "Here Is Kazmeyer" is 14.2, though they will usually play or be ripped as a single track numbered 14.


  • Paul Robb
    Paul Robb
    Paul Jason Robb is a synthesizer player, producer, songwriter and one of the founding members of the synthpop-freestyle band Information Society.- Biography :...

  • James Cassidy
  • "Kurt Harland Valaquen" (Kurt Harland)
    Kurt Harland
    Kurt Harland is a singer, composer, and video game developer/audio engineer. He is best known as the lead singer of Information Society and composer of the soundtracks for the Legacy of Kain video game series.-Biography:...

Artwork and design

The menacing car featured in the cover is "Vector", Kurt Harland's heavily customized 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring
Plymouth Satellite
The Plymouth Satellite is an automobile introduced in 1965 as the top model in Plymouth's mid-size Belvedere line. The Satellite remained the top of the line model until the 1967 model year, where it became the mid-price model with the GTX taking its place as the top model. The Fury name was moved...

. http://www.insoc.org/Car.HTML
The cassette tape for this album used an unusual naming convention for the sides. Instead of 1 and 2 or A and B, there was the Gilligan Side and the Skipper Side.

Musical styling

Riding on the success of its self-titled major-label debut
Information Society (album)
Information Society is the self-titled album by synthpop, techno, and Latin freestyle band Information Society. It was their first release under a major label, after two independently released albums...

, Kurt decided to have the band experiment more on this album with a more radical, harsher sound. The other members agreed somewhat, feeling that they should stay on level ground with the pop sensibilities. This is more pronounced on tracks like "Seek 200" and "Hard Currency." This notion would eventually lead to Don't Be Afraid
Don't Be Afraid (album)
Don't Be Afraid is a 1997 Industrial / electronic album by Information Society. It saw a dramatic change in creative direction from the pop stylings of Information Society's earlier work to a darker sound with prominent themes of paranoia and disaffection with modern life...

, Kurt's solo effort.

On Charlie X, the line "I could make you all go away, any time I want to." is a reference to the Star Trek episode of the same name.

Like the others, this album is thick with samples and loops, from Kraftwerk
Kraftwerk is an influential electronic music band from Düsseldorf, Germany. The group was formed by Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider in 1970, and was fronted by them until Schneider's departure in 2008...

, James Brown
James Brown
James Joseph Brown was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and recording artist. He is the originator of Funk and is recognized as a major figure in the 20th century popular music for both his vocals and dancing. He has been referred to as "The Godfather of Soul," "Mr...

, and Nitzer Ebb
Nitzer Ebb
Nitzer Ebb is a British EBM group formed in 1982 by Essex school friends Vaughan "Bon" Harris , Douglas McCarthy , and David Gooday .-Band name:...

 to Beastie Boys
Beastie Boys
Beastie Boys are an American hip hop trio from New York City. The group consists of Mike D who plays the drums, MCA who plays the bass, and Ad-Rock who plays the guitar....

along with too many others to list.
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