HMNZS Kahu (P3571)
HMNZS Kahu I (P3571) was a Fairmile B
Fairmile B motor launch
The Fairmile B motor launch was a type of Motor Launch built by Fairmile Marine during the Second World War for the Royal Navy for coastal operations.-Design:...

 motor launch
Motor Launch
A Motor Launch is a small military vessel in British navy service. It was designed for harbour defence and submarine chasing or for armed high speed air-sea rescue....

 of the Royal New Zealand Navy
Royal New Zealand Navy
The Royal New Zealand Navy is the maritime arm of the New Zealand Defence Force...


Originally commissioned on 20 December, 1943, with the pendant number Q 411, she was part of the 80th Motor Launch Flotilla. Early in 1944, she went to the Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands campaign
The Solomon Islands campaign was a major campaign of the Pacific War of World War II. The campaign began with Japanese landings and occupation of several areas in the British Solomon Islands and Bougainville, in the Territory of New Guinea, during the first six months of 1942...

 where she served under the operational control of COMSOPAC.

She was recommissioned from 1947 to 1965 as HMNZS Kahu I (P3571)


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