HMAS Stuart
Three ships of the Royal Australian Navy
Royal Australian Navy
The Royal Australian Navy is the naval branch of the Australian Defence Force. Following the Federation of Australia in 1901, the ships and resources of the separate colonial navies were integrated into a national force: the Commonwealth Naval Forces...

 (RAN) have borne the name HMAS Stuart:
, an Admiralty type destroyer leader, launched in 1918 for the Royal Navy. She was transferred to the RAN in 1933, and served during World War II. The ship was paid off in 1946, and sold for scrap., one of six River class destroyer escorts (based on the British Type 12 frigate) built for the RAN. She was commissioned in 1963, paid off in 1991, and sold for scrap., an Anzac class frigate commissioned in 2002 and active as of 2011

Battle honours

Eight battle honour
Battle honour
A battle honour is an award of a right by a government or sovereign to a military unit to emblazon the name of a battle or operation on its flags , uniforms or other accessories where ornamentation is possible....

s have been awarded to ships named HMAS Stuart:
  • Mediterranean
    Battle of the Mediterranean
    The Battle of the Mediterranean was the name given to the naval campaign fought in the Mediterranean Sea during World War II, from 10 June 1940-2 May 1945....

  • Calabria
    Battle of Calabria
    The Battle of Calabria, was a naval battle during the Battle of the Mediterranean in World War II. It was fought between the Italian Royal Navy and the British Royal Navy and the Royal Australian Navy. The battle occurred 30 miles to the east of Punta Stilo, the "toe" of Italy , on 9 July 1940...

  • Libya 1940–41
  • Matapan
    Battle of Cape Matapan
    The Battle of Cape Matapan was a Second World War naval battle fought from 27–29 March 1941. The cape is on the southwest coast of Greece's Peloponnesian peninsula...

  • Greece
    Battle of Greece
    The Battle of Greece is the common name for the invasion and conquest of Greece by Nazi Germany in April 1941. Greece was supported by British Commonwealth forces, while the Germans' Axis allies Italy and Bulgaria played secondary roles...

  • Crete
    Battle of Crete
    The Battle of Crete was a battle during World War II on the Greek island of Crete. It began on the morning of 20 May 1941, when Nazi Germany launched an airborne invasion of Crete under the code-name Unternehmen Merkur...

  • Pacific
    South West Pacific theatre of World War II
    The South West Pacific Theatre, technically the South West Pacific Area, between 1942 and 1945, was one of two designated area commands and war theatres enumerated by the Combined Chiefs of Staff of World War II in the Pacific region....

  • New Guinea
    New Guinea campaign
    The New Guinea campaign was one of the major military campaigns of World War II.Before the war, the island of New Guinea was split between:...

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