HCL or HCl can stand for:
  • Hairy cell leukemia
    Hairy cell leukemia
    Hairy cell leukemia is an uncommon hematological malignancy characterized by an accumulation of abnormal B lymphocytes. It is usually classified as a sub-type of chronic lymphoid leukemia...

    , an uncommon and slowly progressing B cell leukemia
  • Hardware compatibility list
    Hardware Compatibility List
    A hardware compatibility list is a list of computer hardware that is compatible with a particular operating system or device management software. In today's world, there is a vast amount of computer hardware in circulation, and many operating systems too...

  • Harvard Cyclotron Laboratory
    Harvard Cyclotron Laboratory
    The Harvard Cyclotron Laboratory operated from 1949 to 2002. It was most notable for its contributions to the development of proton therapy....

    , from 1961 to 2002, a proton accelerator used for research and development
  • Hennepin County Library
    Hennepin County Library
    Hennepin County Library is a library system serving the entire population of Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA. The Minneapolis Public Library, a separate system for Minneapolis, existed from its founding by T. B. Walker in 1885 until January 2008...

  • Hydrogen chloride
    Hydrogen chloride
    The compound hydrogen chloride has the formula HCl. At room temperature, it is a colorless gas, which forms white fumes of hydrochloric acid upon contact with atmospheric humidity. Hydrogen chloride gas and hydrochloric acid are important in technology and industry...

    , chemical formula HCl
  • Hydrochloric acid
    Hydrochloric acid
    Hydrochloric acid is a solution of hydrogen chloride in water, that is a highly corrosive, strong mineral acid with many industrial uses. It is found naturally in gastric acid....

    , a solution of hydrogen chloride in water
  • Hydrochloride
    In chemistry, hydrochlorides are salts resulting, or regarded as resulting, from the reaction of hydrochloric acid with an organic base . This is also known as muriate, derived from hydrochloric acid's other name: muriatic acid....

    , the salt of a hydrochloric acid and an organic base
  • Hollow cathode lamp
    Hollow cathode lamp
    A hollow-cathode lamp is type of lamp used in physics and chemistry as a spectral line source and as a frequency tuner for light sources such as lasers....

    , a spectral line source used in physics and chemistry
  • Higher Chinese Language
    Chinese language
    The Chinese language is a language or language family consisting of varieties which are mutually intelligible to varying degrees. Originally the indigenous languages spoken by the Han Chinese in China, it forms one of the branches of Sino-Tibetan family of languages...

    , an academic subject in Singapore
  • HC Lugano, a Swiss professional ice hockey team based in Lugano
  • Hindustan Computers
    Hindustan Computers
    HCL is a global technology and IT Enterprise company based in Noida, India. The company comprises two publicly listed companies, HCL Technologies and HCL Infosystems....

    , formerly Hindustan Computers Limited, and its business units
  • HCL Enterprise, an IT outsourcing firm based in Noida, India
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