Grand General
Grand General is a supreme military rank which is normally the accepted translation of:
  1. The Indonesian rank Jenderal Besar
    Jenderal Besar
    Jenderal Besar, translated literally as "Great General", is the highest rank of the Army of Indonesia. It is the equivalent of a General of the Army, and is used to translate that rank into Indonesian...

  2. The Nepal military rank
    Military of Nepal
    The Nepalese Armed Forces are the military forces of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. The current Nepalese Army traces its direct historic roots from the Royal Army of Nepal, renamed in recognition of Nepal's transition from a monarchy to a popularly elected republic in 2006...

     of Pradhan Senadhipati
    Pradhan Senadhipati
    Pradhan Senadhipati is a supreme military rank of the Nepal military intended to be held solely by the King of Nepal. The rank outranks the Field Marshal rank of Pradhan Senapati and is considered to be a rank held by the Commander in Chief of Nepal...

  3. The Chinese rank of Da Jiang
    Da Jiang
    Da Jiang was a rank conferred in 1955 to ten veteran leaders of the People's Liberation Army. It was never conferred again and the rank was abolished in 1965 along with all other ranks in the PLA...

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