Gokada Go!
Gokada Go! is the former teen-oriented comedy program of ABS-CBN
ABS–CBN Corporation is a Philippine-based media conglomerate. It is the Philippines' largest media and entertainment conglomerate. The corporation was the merger of Alto Broadcasting System which at that time owned by James Lindenberg and Antonio Quirino, and the Chronicle Broadcasting Network ...

, starting on June 2, replacing Let's Go!


This sitcom started June 2007. This youth-oriented show revolves around the lives of several teenagers who are about to enter college. It features different characters battling with their own angst, as they try to make it in this world in a rather awkward stage, as they're not kids anymore, but they're also not full-fledged adults as well. Join them as they go about life, and relate with other people!

Tag along with the innocent Melody (portrayed by Kim Chiu) a streetsmart and confident girl fresh from Cebu; the over-confident Gab (Gerald Anderson), a bad boy with a soft spot; the cool and daring half-Italian, half- Bisaya Matteo (Matteo Guidicelli), as well as old faces such as the varsity hearththrob Bob (Joem Bascon), Bob's close buddy, Junniper (Eda Nolan) and Bangs (Valerie Garcia). This time, they have a strict dorm manager named Ms. Gina (Gina Pareno), who plays a doting mom to them all!

After almost two months, probably due to low ratings, the show was cut off-air.


  • Gerald Anderson
    Gerald Anderson
    Gerald Anderson is a Filipino American actor who was a former housemate on the first season edition of the Philippine reality television show Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition...

     as Gabriel "Gab" Fernandez - a working student from Cebu who is also arrogant. A walking paradox himself, Gabriel exudes the bad boy image but secretly cries when he hears his and his ex-girlfriend’s theme song. He isn't a big a fan of local artista Carlos Agassi, because he stole his girl.
  • Kim Chiu
    Kim Chiu
    Kimberly Sue Yap Chiu , better known as simply Kim Chiu, is a Chinese Filipino actress,singer and model. She lived in Cebu City before she went to Manila for Pinoy Big Brother...

     as "Melody" Go - an accounting major who is an interior designer at heart. A walking contradiction, the pretty genius is obsessed with her feng shui and horoscope but there is a problem—she brings nothing but bad luck to Gabriel, and she doesn’t know it. When Matt is gone in America she starts falling for him.
  • Gina Pareño
    Gina Pareno
    Gina Pareño is an actress in the Philippines born to a Filipina mother and German- American father. She first worked as an extra in some films and then later on became one of the artists of Sampaguita Films. She has worked in television and film in the Philippines since the 1960s...

     as Ms. Gina - she plays the nasty, naughty and funny new dorm manager. With her bad attitude she gives herself a bad name to the students in the dormitelle.
  • Matteo Guidicelli
    Matteo Guidicelli
    Matteo Guidicelli is a Filipino-Italian actor, model, racer and singer. He is one lead actors of the defunct ABS-CBN primetime fantasy television series Agua Bendita....

     as Matteo - he's Gab's best friend. He's an outstanding drag racer. He likes Melody and Melody seems to like him too.
  • Eda Nolan
    Eda Nolan
    Eda Nolan is a Filipina Actress.She is best known for her role as Junniper, the shy, 'promdi' girl, in ABS-CBN's sitcom Let's Go and Go Kada Go....

     as Junniper - she's cebuana. she's a friend and a roommate (in the dormitelle) to Melody, Alex, and Bangs. She excludes Rasheed, her boss who has a thing for her.
  • Joem Bascon
    Joem Bascon
    Joem Bascon is a Filipino actor. He is currently under ABS CBN's talent management arm, named Star Magic....

     as Bob - he is Gab's ultimate nemesis in the series. He is also, unfortunately for Gab, Gab's roommate at the dormitelle. Bob is the cutest guy on campus but, he has trouble with the ladies. He always gets the weirdest girls to date.
  • Valerie Garcia
    Valerie Garcia
    Valerie "Bangs" Garcia is a Filipina actress in ABS-CBN's sitcom Let's Go and Gokada Go. The nickname "Bangs" came about because her bangs/fringe covered her face.-Career:...

     as Bangs - Melody and the other girls' friend and roommate. This punk-rock girl never shows her face completely because of her bangs. She is about looking good just like her best friend Alex.
  • Alex Gonzaga as Alex - She is melody's rich and sossy but nice cousin. They are both part Chinese. She thinks that she could do anything since she is rich. She really likes to party and have fun with her barkada.
  • Badjie Mortiz as Badjie - Bob's sidekick. Even though he looks tough this bad boy never talks, but has a good personality.
  • Kontin Roque as Zap - The already graduated guy trying to find a place to stay. He tries to sneak in the dormitelle without Ms. Gina knowing.
  • Jana Pablo as Trish - She is one of Alex's best friends. This very fashionable girl is known to count calories because she likes to keep her figure the way it is.
  • Dianne Medina
    Dianne Medina
    -Career:Medina was one of the 12 finalist of Wazzup Wazzups 2006 Tadjock Search. After winning the search, she became a regular segment host of the satirical comedy news program and appeared as a guest host of Studio 23's morning news and talk show, Breakfast.In 2007, she was cast as Dianne in the...

     as Dianne - This charismatic girl enjoys dancing. Other than that she likes boys and herself, when she's alone.


  • Episode #1: First Day Go!
  • Episode #2: Biak Na Bato
  • Episode #3: Go Signal
  • Episode #4: Miss U Like Crazy
  • Episode #5: Let's Go Panty
  • Episode #6: The Naked Truth
  • Episode #7: Go Melody Go
  • Episode #8: Go Kini GO!


  • Eda Nolan became controversial when she accidentally almost exposed her breasts on Wowowee
    Wowowee was a Philippine noon-time variety show broadcast by ABS-CBN. The show premiered on February 5, 2005, and aired live on weekdays and Saturdays. The show was also broadcast worldwide through ABS-CBN's The Filipino Channel...

     during a dance number.
  • As of July 14, 2007 Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson were fired from the show, after Anderson's continuous complaints prompted director Edgar Mortiz to permanently remove him from the show.
  • As of July 21, 2007 Trish and Dianne from Let's Go!
    Let's Go (Philippine TV series)
    Let's Go is a situation comedy on ABS-CBN, set in a college dormitory and targeting a teenage audience. Since July 8, 2006, the show airs Saturdays at 5pm.The show premiered on June 3, 2006 in a 4pm timeslot, and aired its last episode on June 2, 2007....

    are back on the show.
  • As of July 28, 2007 the show was off-air/cancelled.
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