Future Perfect

Album Credits

  • Produced by T-Bone Burnett
    T-Bone Burnett
    Joseph Henry Burnett , widely known as T-Bone Burnett, is an American musician, songwriter, and soundtrack and record producer.He was a guitarist in Bob Dylan's band on the Rolling Thunder Revue...

  • All Songs Written by Autolux
    Autolux is an avant-garde rock group consisting of Eugene Goreshter , Greg Edwards and Carla Azar...

  • Engineered by Mike Piersante
    Mike Piersante
    -2009 GRAMMY Awards:Mike Piersante won two Grammy Awards in 2009 for his work as Engineer/Mixer. The first Grammy was for Please Read the Letter a duet track by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant...

  • Mixed by Dave Sardy
    Dave Sardy
    David Sardy is a Brooklyn born-and-raised composer, musician, songwriter, and record producer- Biography :...

  • Mastered by Stephen Marcussen
    Stephen Marcussen
    Stephen Marcussen is the founder and chief mastering engineer of Marcussen Mastering in Hollywood, California. Marcussen is one of the most sought-after mastering engineers in the music industry and his expertise has been coveted by a wide range of artists over the years...

  • Artwork by Carla Azar
    Carla Azar
    Carla Azar is a musician and a member of the band Autolux. Azar is a multi-instrumentalist but is known primarily for playing the drums. She also plays glockenspiel, xylophone, mellotron, piano, and bass guitar.-Career:...

Vinyl releases

Aside from the CD, DMZ released Future Perfect as a 2LP set, which has since gone out of print. After the label's demise, Autolux reissued the album themselves on one 180-gram LP on autolux dot net (with no edits or changes to the track listing despite the long running time), which remains in print.

Chart performance

|align="left"|U.S. Billboard Top Electronic Albums
Top Electronic Albums
Dance/Electronic Albums is a music chart published weekly by Billboard magazine which ranks the top-selling electronic music albums in the United States. The chart debuted on the issue dated June 30, 2001. It originally began as a fifteen-position chart and has since expanded to twenty-five...


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