• Mr. Fuji, ring name of wrestling and manager Harry Fujiwara
    Harry Fujiwara
    Harry Fujiwara is an American former professional wrestler and manager, best known by his ring name Mr. Fuji. He was infamous for often throwing salt in the eyes of face wrestlers...

  • Keiko Fuji
    Keiko Fuji
    , real name , is a Japanese enka singer and actress. She had success in Japan in the 1960s and 1970s with her ballad-type songs. Her parents were itinerant musical performers. Her father was a rōkyoku singer. Her mother was a blind shamisen player or goze...

    , a Japanese singer of the 1960s and 1970s, and mother of Hikaru Utada
  • Sumiko Fuji
    Sumiko Fuji
    is a Japanese actress. The daughter of a producer at the Tōei studios, she originally began acting under the name Junko Fuji , becoming famous as the female lead in yakuza films against such stars as Ken Takakura and Kōji Tsuruta. She even starred in her own series as the knife-wielding gambler Red...

    , a Japanese actress

Fictional characters
  • Fuji (comics)
    Fuji (comics)
    Toshiro Misawa, also known as Fuji, is a comic book superhero in the Stormwatch series, first appearing in Stormwatch #1. He has immense size and strength as well as the ability to control the density of his body granted by his containment suit...

    , a character in the Stormwatch series
  • Shusuke Fuji, a fictional character in the anime and manga The Prince of Tennis.


  • Fuji River
    Fuji River
    The is a river in Yamanashi and Shizuoka Prefectures of central Japan. It is long and has a watershed of . With the Mogami River and the Kuma River, it is regarded as one of the three most rapid flows of Japan....

  • Fuji, Saga
    Fuji, Saga
    was a town located in Saga District, Saga, Japan.As of 2005, the town had an estimated population of 4,797 and a density of 33.48 persons per km2. The total area was 143.25 km2.The status of Fuji was changed from a village to a town on October 1, 1966....

    , town in Saga Prefecture
  • Fuji, Shizuoka
    Fuji, Shizuoka
    is a city in eastern Shizuoka Prefecture. Fuji is the 3rd largest city in terms of population in Shizuoka Prefecture, trailing Hamamatsu and Shizuoka. As of February 2010, the city has an estimated population of 254,113 and a population density of 1040 persons per km²...

    , city in Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Fuji Speedway
    Fuji Speedway
    is a race track standing in the foothills of Mount Fuji, in Oyama, Suntō District, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It was built in the early 1960s and hosted the first Formula One race in Japan in 1976. In the 1980s, Fuji Speedway was used for the FIA World Sportscar Championship and national racing...

    , a major race track at the base of Mt Fuji


  • Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival
    Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival
    Mount Fuji Jazz Festival is an annual jazz festival held in August in the Lake Yamanaka area, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. The three-day festival features musicians from Blue Note Records and other, performing on different stages. 1986 - 1996...

    , a jazz festival in Japan
  • Fuji Rock Festival
    Fuji Rock Festival
    Fuji Rock Festival is an annual rock festival held in Naeba Ski Resort, in Niigata Prefecture, Japan. The 3 day event, organized by Smash Japan, features more than 200 Japanese and international musicians, making it the largest outdoor music event in Japan...

    , a Rock festival in Japan
  • Fuji music
    Fuji music
    Fuji is a popular Nigerian musical genre. It arose from the improvisation Ajisari/were music tradition, which is a kind of music performed to wake muslims before dawn during the Ramadan fasting season...

    , a musical genre from Yorubaland of Nigeria
  • Mr. Fuji
    Mr. Fuji
    Harry Fujiwara is an American former professional wrestler and manager, best known by his ring name Mr. Fuji. He was infamous for often throwing salt in the eyes of face wrestlers...

    , one of many modern monikers of the creator of Fuji musical genre, Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister

Japanese companies

  • Fujifilm
    is a multinational photography and imaging company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.Fujifilm's principal activities are the development, production, sale and servicing of color photographic film, digital cameras, photofinishing equipment, color paper, photofinishing chemicals, medical imaging...

    , a Japanese company producing cameras and photographic film
  • Fuji Heavy Industries, Ltd., a Japanese company producing industrial products
  • Fuji Television
    Fuji Television
    is a Japanese television station based in Daiba, Minato, Tokyo, Japan, also known as or CX, based on the station's callsign "JOCX-DTV". It is the flagship station of the Fuji News Network and the ....

    , a Japanese television network
  • Fuji Electric
    Fuji Electric
    , operating under the brand name FE, is a Japanese holding company that retains manufacturing companies of pressure transmitters, flowmeters, gas analyzers, controllers, inverters, pumps, generators, ICs, motors, and power equipments.-History:...

    , a Japanese company producing electric products
  • Fujitec
    is a company that manufactures elevators, escalators, and vertical mechanized parking equipment. It first began in Japan in 1948, and eventually expanded to many countries around the world.-Outline:...

    , a Japanese company producing escalators and elevators
  • Fujitsu
    is a Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It is the world's third-largest IT services provider measured by revenues....

    , a computer company in Japan
  • Fuji Advanced Sports
    Fuji Advanced Sports
    Fuji Bikes, is an American distributor of bicycles built in Taiwan, China, and Poland. The company is a descendant of , a bicycle manufacturer originally established in Japan in 1899. The company took its name and logo from Mount Fuji, a Japanese symbol of strength and endurance...

     Inc., a U.S. distributor of bicycles made in Taiwan
    Taiwan , also known, especially in the past, as Formosa , is the largest island of the same-named island group of East Asia in the western Pacific Ocean and located off the southeastern coast of mainland China. The island forms over 99% of the current territory of the Republic of China following...

     and the People's Republic of China
    People's Republic of China
    China , officially the People's Republic of China , is the most populous country in the world, with over 1.3 billion citizens. Located in East Asia, the country covers approximately 9.6 million square kilometres...

  • Fuji Bank
    Fuji Bank
    The was one of Japan's major banks during the post-World War II era. It combined with Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank and the Industrial Bank of Japan in 2000 to form Mizuho Financial Group, and changed its name to Mizuho Corporate Bank in 2002 after transferring its retail banking operations to Mizuho...

    , a major bank in Japan which existed until 2002, now part of Mizuho Financial Group


  • Fuji (apple)
    Fuji (apple)
    The Fuji apple is an apple clone developed by growers at the Tohoku Research Station in Fujisaki, Aomori, Japan, in the late 1930s, and brought to market in 1962...

    , a cultivar
    A cultivar'Cultivar has two meanings as explained under Formal definition. When used in reference to a taxon, the word does not apply to an individual plant but to all those plants sharing the unique characteristics that define the cultivar. is a plant or group of plants selected for desirable...

     of apple
  • Fuji (film)
    Fuji (film)
    Fuji is a 1974 art film which explores director Robert Breer's artistic rendition of a train ride past Japan's Mt. Fuji, using line drawings, rotoscope and live action....

    , a 1975 film by Robert Breer
    Robert Breer
    Robert Carlton Breer was an experimental filmmaker, painter, and sculptor."A founding member of the American avant-garde," Breer was most well known for his films, which combine abstract and representational painting, hand-drawn rotoscoping, original 16mm and 8mm film footage, photographs, and...

  • Fuji, the name of the three-pronged Atari
    Atari is a corporate and brand name owned by several entities since its inception in 1972. It is currently owned by Atari Interactive, a wholly owned subsidiary of the French publisher Atari, SA . The original Atari, Inc. was founded in 1972 by Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney. It was a pioneer in...

  • Japanese battleship Fuji
    Japanese battleship Fuji
    -External links:*...

    , a late 19th century Japanese battleship
  • Fuji (train)
    Fuji (train)
    The was a sleeper train operating between Tokyo and Ōita in Japan. Operated by the Kyushu Railway Company and classified as a limited express service, it was discontinued from the start of the revised timetable on 14 March 2009.-Route:...

    , a passenger train in Japan
  • Fuji (Spacecraft)
    Fuji (Spacecraft)
    Fuji was a manned spacecraft of the space capsule kind, proposed by Japan's National Space Development Agency Advanced mission Research center in December 2001...

    , a capsule type manned spacecraft concept, proposed by NASDA
  • Fuji (planchette writing)
    Fuji (planchette writing)
    Fuji is a method of "planchette writing; spirit writing; automatic writing" using a suspended sieve or tray to guide a stick which writes Chinese characters in sand or incense ashes....

    , a traditional Chinese method for automatic writing
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