Friedrich II of Berg
Friedrich II of Berg son of Adolf IV
Adolf IV
Adolf IV of Berg count of Berg from 1132 until 1160 and of Altena , son of Adolf III of Berg count of Berg and Hövel. He married Adelheid von Arnsberg, a daughter of Heinrich count von Rietberg; then Irmgard von Schwartzenberg, a daughter of Engelbert von Schwarzenberg.He built the Schloss...

, Count of Berg
Berg (state)
Berg was a state – originally a county, later a duchy – in the Rhineland of Germany. Its capital was Düsseldorf. It existed from the early 12th to the 19th centuries.-Ascent:...

, was Archbishop of Cologne
Archbishopric of Cologne
The Electorate of Cologne was an ecclesiastical principality of the Holy Roman Empire and existed from the 10th to the early 19th century. It consisted of the temporal possessions of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Cologne . It was ruled by the Archbishop in his function as prince-elector of...

 from 1156 until his death.

He died at Pavia
Pavia , the ancient Ticinum, is a town and comune of south-western Lombardy, northern Italy, 35 km south of Milan on the lower Ticino river near its confluence with the Po. It is the capital of the province of Pavia. It has a population of c. 71,000...

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