Fox Movie Channel
The Fox Movie Channel is a channel which shows movies uncut and commercial-free.


Movie content consists mainly of selections from 20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation — also known as 20th Century Fox, or simply 20th or Fox — is one of the six major American film studios...

's library of releases through the 1990s and movies produced exclusively for television. Widescreen
Widescreen images are a variety of aspect ratios used in film, television and computer screens. In film, a widescreen film is any film image with a width-to-height aspect ratio greater than the standard 1.37:1 Academy aspect ratio provided by 35mm film....

 versions are shown whenever available. Typically, older movies air during the daytime; more recent films, in the evening prime time
Prime time
Prime time or primetime is the block of broadcast programming during the middle of the evening for television programing.The term prime time is often defined in terms of a fixed time period—for example, from 19:00 to 22:00 or 20:00 to 23:00 Prime time or primetime is the block of broadcast...

. Other programming consists mainly of commentaries about the featured films.

The channel, originally titled "Fox Movie Studio" during the planning stages, was launched on October 31, 1994 as fXM: Movies from Fox. The current name became official on March 1, 2000. Its primary competitors are Time Warner
Time Warner
Time Warner is one of the world's largest media companies, headquartered in the Time Warner Center in New York City. Formerly two separate companies, Warner Communications, Inc...

's Turner Classic Movies
Turner Classic Movies
Turner Classic Movies is a movie-oriented cable television channel, owned by the Turner Broadcasting System subsidiary of Time Warner, featuring commercial-free classic movies, mostly from the Turner Entertainment and MGM, United Artists, RKO and Warner Bros. film libraries...

, Metro Goldwyn Mayer's MGM HD
MGM HD is an all high-definition television channel. It features commercial-free movies from MGM's library of approximately 1,200 movies mastered in a high-definition-compatible format as well as feature films from their library of 4,100 theatrical titles...

, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Sony Pictures Entertainment
Sony Pictures Entertainment, Inc. is the television and film production/distribution unit of Japanese multinational technology and media conglomerate Sony...

's Sony Movie Channel
Sony Movie Channel
Sony Movie Channel is an American television channel that was launched on October 1, 2010. It's wholly owned by Sony Pictures Television and features movies from the Sony Pictures Entertainment library - uncut, commercial-free, and remastered in 1080i high definition...

, NBC Universal
NBC Universal
NBCUniversal Media, LLC is a media and entertainment company engaged in the production and marketing of entertainment, news, and information products and services to a global customer base...

's Universal HD
Universal HD
Universal HD is an HDTV cable television network owned by NBCUniversal. The channel was known as Bravo HD+ until December 1, 2004. The network exclusively broadcasts in high definition 1080i...

and Viacom
Viacom Inc. , short for "Video & Audio Communications", is an American media conglomerate with interests primarily in, but not limited to, cinema and cable television...

's Epix, each of which likewise features films from its respective owner's inventory.

The Fox Movie Channel is available as Fox Movies in the Arab World, where it is not commercial-free, and often broadcasts partially censored or cut material.


35.2 million subscribers as of 1/1/11.

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