For a European Serbia
For a European Serbia – Boris Tadić (Serbian
Serbian language
Serbian is a form of Serbo-Croatian, a South Slavic language, spoken by Serbs in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and neighbouring countries....

: За европску Србију – Борис Тадић, Za evropsku Srbiju - Boris Tadić) is an electoral coalition that won the Serbian parliamentary election, 2008
Serbian parliamentary election, 2008
A pre-term parliamentary election was held in the Serbia on 11 May 2008, barely a year after the previous parliamentary election. There were 6,749,886 eligible electors who were able to vote in 8,682 voting places, as well as 157 special voting places designed for refugees from...

, Vojvodina parliamentary election, 2008
Vojvodina parliamentary election, 2008
Parliamentary elections were held for the unicameral Assembly of Serbia's northern Autonomous Province of Vojvodina on 11 May 2008, with a second round to be held on 25 May 2008...

 and Serbian local elections, 2008
Serbian local elections, 2008
Local elections were held in Serbia on 11 May 2008. According to the Constitutional Law adopted by the National Assembly on 30 September 2006 that proclaimed the new constitution, the parliamentary Speaker had to schedule the elections for local administrative units by 31 December 2007. He...

. The coalition was formed by the Democratic Party
Democratic Party (Serbia)
The Democratic Party is a political party in Serbia. It is described as a social liberal or social democratic party.-Pre-war history:The Democratic Party was established on 16 February 1919 from unification of Sarajevo parties independent radicals, progressives, liberals and the Serbian part of...

, G17+, Serbian Renewal Movement
Serbian Renewal Movement
The Serbian Renewal Movement is a political party in Serbia.It was founded in 1990.In 1997 a dissident group abandoned the party and formed New Serbia....

, League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina
League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina
The League of Vojvodina Social Democrats is a regionalist social democratic political party in Serbia...

 and Social Democratic Party of Serbia. As such, the coalition can be described essentially centrist
In politics, centrism is the ideal or the practice of promoting policies that lie different from the standard political left and political right. Most commonly, this is visualized as part of the one-dimensional political spectrum of left-right politics, with centrism landing in the middle between...

, with perhaps a slight lean to the left.

All parties ran as a part of the coalition, except:
  • Vojvodina parliamentary election, 2008
    Vojvodina parliamentary election, 2008
    Parliamentary elections were held for the unicameral Assembly of Serbia's northern Autonomous Province of Vojvodina on 11 May 2008, with a second round to be held on 25 May 2008...

    , where the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina formed an alliance with some regional parties, named Together for Vojvodina
    Together for Vojvodina
    Together for Vojvodina was a political coalition in the Serbian province of Vojvodina. At the latest legislative elections in Vojvodina, in September 2004, the alliance won 9.44 % of the popular vote, and 7 seats in the provincial parliament...

  • Local elections, where LSV ran alone or in separate coalitions, SPO formed its own coalitions in several municipalities, G17+ ran alone in Leskovac
    Leskovac is a city and municipality in southern Serbia. It is the administrative center of the Jablanica District of Serbia...

     and also in a coalition with SPO in Niš
    Niš is the largest city of southern Serbia and third-largest city in Serbia . According to the data from 2011, the city of Niš has a population of 177,972 inhabitants, while the city municipality has a population of 257,867. The city covers an area of about 597 km2, including the urban area,...

     where G17+ and SPO were part of the ruling coalition (the Democratic Party refused to enter into a pre-election coalition with G17+ in the city) and in Kragujevac
    Kragujevac is the fourth largest city in Serbia, the main city of the Šumadija region and the administrative centre of Šumadija District. It is situated on the banks of the Lepenica River...

     where G17+ was in coalition with the local group of citizens list Together for Kragujevac
    Together for Kragujevac
    Together for Šumadija , previously known as Together for Kragujevac, is a centre-right political party in Serbia. Led by the current Mayor of Kragujevac, Veroljub Stevanović, the party campaigns for symmetric decentralisation and the devolution of similar powers to Šumadija as to Vojvodina...


Boris Tadić
Boris Tadic
Boris Tadić is the President of Serbia and leader of the Democratic Party. He was elected to a five-year term on 27 June 2004, and was sworn into office on 11 July. He was re-elected for a de facto second five-year term on 3 February 2008 and was sworn in on 15 February...

 claimed victory in parliamentary elections, on May 11, 2008, despite a challenge from the opposing nationalist groups. His "For a European Serbia" alliance spearheaded by the DS secured 39% of the vote. Specifically, his Coalition for European Serbia, held 39% of the vote, for 102 seats, while the opposing Tomislav Nikolić
Tomislav Nikolic
Tomislav "Toma" Nikolić is a Serbian politician, President of the Serbian Progressive Party. He is also a former member of the Serbian Radical Party, where he served as Deputy Leader of the party and parliamentary leader during the absence of Vojislav Šešelj...

's Serbian Radical Party
Serbian Radical Party
The Serbian Radical Party is a far-right Serbian nationalist political party in Serbia, founded in 1991. Currently the second-largest party in the Serbian National Assembly, it has branches in three of the nations that currently border Serbia – all former federal republics of Yugoslavia...

 held 29.6%, or 78 seats. Vojislav Koštunica
Vojislav Koštunica
Vojislav Koštunica is a Serbian politician, statesman and the president of the Democratic Party of Serbia. He was the last President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, succeeding Slobodan Milošević and serving from 2000 to 2003...

's Democratic Party of Serbia
Democratic Party of Serbia
The Democratic Party of Serbia is a political party in Serbia.-Foundation:The Democratic Party of Serbia was founded when a faction of the Democratic Party that supported its involvement in the Democratic Movement of Serbia split from the party and formed their own in 1992.Soon after the March...

 held 11.3%, or 30 seats.

The result of Tadić's coalition was the greatest in Serbian parliamentarism since 2000 and the greatest in his party's history.

The coalition formed the Government
Government of Serbia
Officially the Government of the Republic of Serbia is the executive branch of government in Serbia.-Current government:The current government was elected on 7 July 2008 by the majority vote in the National Assembly of Serbia and restructured on 14 March 2011...

 with Mirko Cvetković
Mirko Cvetkovic
Mirko Cvetković is a Serbian economist and the Prime Minister of Serbia as well as the Minister of Finance.-Biography:...

 as a Prime Minister on July 7 after securing the needed majority in the National Assembly
National Assembly of Serbia
The National Assembly of Serbia is the unicameral parliament of Serbia. It is composed of 250 proportionally elected deputies elected in general elections by secret ballot, on 4 years term. The National Assembly elects the President of the National Assembly who presides over the sessions...

 with the coalition around the Socialist Party
Socialist Party of Serbia
The Socialist Party of Serbia is officially a democratic socialist political party in Serbia. It is also widely recognized as a de facto Serbian nationalist party, though the party itself does not officially acknowledge this...

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