People with the surname Foch

  • Ferdinand Foch
    Ferdinand Foch
    Ferdinand Foch , GCB, OM, DSO was a French soldier, war hero, military theorist, and writer credited with possessing "the most original and subtle mind in the French army" in the early 20th century. He served as general in the French army during World War I and was made Marshal of France in its...

     (1851-1929), Marshal of France and Allied Supreme Commander in World War I
  • Nina Foch
    Nina Foch
    Nina Foch was a Dutch-born American actress and leading lady in many 1940s and 1950s films.- Personal life :...

     (1924-2008), Dutch actress

Other uses

  • French cruiser Foch
    French cruiser Foch
    The Foch was a French heavy cruiser of the Suffren class, that saw service in World War II. She was the first French warship named for the French Marshall Ferdinand Foch....

    , a ship (cruiser) of the French Navy, which was launched 1929 and sunk 1942
  • Foch (R 99)
    Foch (R 99)
    Foch was the second of the French Navy. She was the second warship named in honour of Marshal Ferdinand Foch, after a heavy cruiser commissioned in 1932, and scuttled in Toulon on 27 November 1942....

    , a ship (aircraft carrier) of the French Navy, launched 1960 and sold to Brazil 2000
  • Avenue Foch
    Avenue Foch
    Avenue Foch is a street in Paris, France, named after Ferdinand Foch in 1929. It was previously named Avenue du Bois de Boulogne. It is one of the most prestigious streets in Paris, and one of the most expensive addresses in the world, home to many grand palaces, including ones belonging to the...

    , the widest street in Paris
  • Foch, West Virginia
    Foch, West Virginia
    Foch is an unincorporated community in Boone County in the U.S. state of West Virginia....

    , an unincorporated area in the United States of America
  • Île Foch
    Île Foch
    Île Foch is one of the Kerguelen Islands situated near to the north coast of Grand Terre, the principal island.It is separated from this main island only by a narrow sea arm, the Tucker strait. It borders île Saint-Lanne Gramont at the northwest, which is separated by the Baie de Londres...

    , an island in the Kerguelen archipelago
  • Foch Line
    Foch Line
    The Foch Line was a temporary demarcation line between Poland and Lithuania proposed by the Entente in the aftermath of World War I. The line was proposed by Marshal of France Ferdinand Foch and was accepted by the Conference of Ambassadors in 1919. With small adjustments the line formed the basis...

    , a proposed line of demarcation between Poland and Lithuania after World War I
  • Marechal Foch
    Marechal Foch
    Marechal Foch , is an inter-specific hybrid red wine grape variety. It was named after the French marshal Ferdinand Foch , who played an important role in the negotiation of the armistice terms during the closing of the First World War. It was developed in Alsace, France by grape hybridizer...

    , a red wine
  • Mount Foch
    Mount Foch
    Mount Foch is located on the border of Alberta and British Columbia on the Continental Divide. It was named in 1918 after Marshall Ferdinand Foch.-See also:* List of peaks on the British Columbia-Alberta border* Mountains of Alberta...

    , a mountain on the Continental Divide in Canada
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