Flughafen (Frankfurt am Main)
Frankfurt-Flughafen is an independent district or Stadtteil of Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Germany , officially the Federal Republic of Germany , is a federal parliamentary republic in Europe. The country consists of 16 states while the capital and largest city is Berlin. Germany covers an area of 357,021 km2 and has a largely temperate seasonal climate...

. It is part of the Ortsbezirk Süd, and is subdivided into the Stadtbezirke Unterwald and Flughafen. It is (only 218 inhabitants) the least populated (and least densely populated) district of the city as well as the second largest one after Sachsenhausen
Sachsenhausen (Frankfurt am Main)
Sachsenhausen is a part of the city of Frankfurt, Germany. Composed of two districts: Sachsenhausen-Nord and Sachsenhausen-Süd, it is part of the Ortsbezirk Süd. It is located on the South bank of the Main river, right in the city center, opposite the Old Town.Sachsenhausen was founded as...

. However, it does not lack infrastructure
Infrastructure is basic physical and organizational structures needed for the operation of a society or enterprise, or the services and facilities necessary for an economy to function...

: it contains in addition to Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt Airport may refer to:Airports of Frankfurt, Germany:*Frankfurt Airport , the largest airport in Germany*Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport, a general aviation airport*Frankfurt-Hahn Airport , a converted U.S...

 (after which the district was named) the two railway stations of Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Regionalbahnhof
Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Regionalbahnhof
Frankfurt Airport Regional station is an underground railway station in Frankfurt am Main, Germany that connects Frankfurt Airport to local S-Bahn and Regionalbahn services. It opened on 14 March 1972 as part of the new terminal opened at the airport...

 (Frankfurt Airport regional railway station) and Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Fernbahnhof
Frankfurt (Main) Flughafen Fernbahnhof
Frankfurt Airport long distance railway station is a railway station at Frankfurt Airport in Germany that is served by long-distance trains, mostly ICE services running on the Cologne–Frankfurt high-speed rail line. It is the largest airport railway station in Germany with about 23,000 passengers...

 (Frankfurt Airport long-distance station) as well as a hospital, places of worship
Place of worship
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 for all major religious groups
Major religious groups
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, many restaurants (including Europe's largest McDonald's
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) and many hotels totaling 60.000 workplaces. Frankfurt-Flughafen is entirely surrounded by the Frankfurt City Forest
Frankfurt City Forest
The Frankfurt City Forest or Frankfurter Stadtwald is a forest district in the south of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. There are also other forest areas spread out through the city.-Basic Facts:...


Due to its statistical anomalies, it also enjoys the highest per capita income
Per capita income
Per capita income or income per person is a measure of mean income within an economic aggregate, such as a country or city. It is calculated by taking a measure of all sources of income in the aggregate and dividing it by the total population...

 in the city.


Fraport AG Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide is a German transport company which operates the Frankfurt International Airport serving Frankfurt am Main and holds interests in the operation of several other airports around the world. In the past the firm also managed the smaller Frankfurt-Hahn...

's head office facilities are on the property of Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt Airport may refer to:Airports of Frankfurt, Germany:*Frankfurt Airport , the largest airport in Germany*Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport, a general aviation airport*Frankfurt-Hahn Airport , a converted U.S...

. Lufthansa Cargo
Lufthansa Cargo
Lufthansa Cargo AG is a cargo airline from Germany, operating worldwide air freight and logistics services on behalf of Lufthansa, of which it is a wholly owned subsidiary. The company is headquartered in Building 451 of the Frankfurt Airport area in Frankfurt, the major hub of Lufthansa...

 is headquartered in Building 451 of the Frankfurt Airport area. Lufthansa
Deutsche Lufthansa AG is the flag carrier of Germany and the largest airline in Europe in terms of overall passengers carried. The name of the company is derived from Luft , and Hansa .The airline is the world's fourth-largest airline in terms of overall passengers carried, operating...

 operates the Lufthansa Aviation Center (LAC) at Frankfurt Airport. Several company departments, including Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, and Media Relations, are based out of the LAC.

In Spring 2012 Condor Flugdienst plans to move from Kelsterbach
Kelsterbach is a town in Groß-Gerau district in Hessen, Germany. It lies on Frankfurt's southwestern outskirts at a bend on the left bank of the river Main, right where a small brook, called the Kelster empties into the river...

, Hesse
Hesse or Hessia is both a cultural region of Germany and the name of an individual German state.* The cultural region of Hesse includes both the State of Hesse and the area known as Rhenish Hesse in the neighbouring Rhineland-Palatinate state...

 to a building in the Gateway Gardens complex in Flughafen.

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