Ferrero is a surname
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 of Italian (from Piedmont
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) and Spanish
Spanish people
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 origin that means "smith," the person who works with iron, and may refer to:

  • Alfonso Ferrero La Marmora
    Alfonso Ferrero La Marmora
    Alfonso Ferrero, Cavaliere La Màrmora was an Italian general and statesman. His brother Alessandro La Marmora founded the branch of the Italian army now called the Bersaglieri.-Biography:...

     (1804–1878), Italian general and statesman
  • Benita Ferrero-Waldner
    Benita Ferrero-Waldner
    Dr. Benita Ferrero-Waldner is an Austrian diplomat and politician, and a member of the conservative Austrian People's Party . Ferrero-Waldner served as the Foreign Minister of Austria 2000–2004 and was the candidate of the Austrian People's Party in the Austrian presidential election, 2004, which...

     (b. 1948), Austrian diplomat and politician
  • Edward Ferrero
    Edward Ferrero
    Edward Ferrero was one of the leading dance instructors, choreographers, and ballroom operators in the United States. He also served as a Union Army general in the American Civil War, best remembered for his role in the Battle of the Crater in 1864.-Early life and career:Ferrero was born in...

     (1831-1899), Union general famous for his role in the Battle of the Crater
  • Guglielmo Ferrero
    Guglielmo Ferrero
    Guglielmo Ferrero was an Italian historian, journalist and novelist, author of the Greatness and Decline of Rome . Ferrero devoted his writings to liberalism....

     (1871–1942), Italian historian, journalist, and novelist
  • Juan Ferrero
    Juan Ferrero
    Juan Ferrero was a famous Spanish athlete, but resident in France -where he died in a car accident- since childhood. He was a bodybuilder of international stature, and he won the Mr...

     (1918-1958), Spanish bodybuilder.
  • Juan Carlos Ferrero
    Juan Carlos Ferrero
    Juan Carlos Ferrero Donat is a professional tennis player, and a former world no. 1 player, from Spain. He captured the men's singles title at the 2003 French Open, and in September of that year, he became the 21st player to hold the world no. 1 ranking. He was also the runner-up at the 2002...

     (b. 1980), Spanish tennis player
  • Lorenzo Ferrero
    Lorenzo Ferrero
    Lorenzo Ferrero is a contemporary Italian composer with a predilection for opera, a librettist, author, and book editor. He started composing at an early age and wrote over a hundred compositions thus far, including twelve operas, three ballets, and numerous orchestral, chamber music, solo...

     (b. 1951), Italian composer
  • Martin Ferrero
    Martin Ferrero
    Martin Ferrero is an American stage and film actor.Ferrero joined the California Actors Theater in Los Gatos, California. In 1979, he moved to Los Angeles and began to act in Hollywood. He is widely remembered for his role as the ill-fated lawyer Donald Gennaro in Jurassic Park...

     (b. 1947), American actor
  • Michele Ferrero (b. 1925), Italian chocolate magnate
  • Michele Ferrero (priest)
    Michele Ferrero (priest)
    Michele Ferrero is a Catholic priest, born in Cuneo, Italy, Salesian of Don Bosco, Professor of Moral Theology and Classics, graduated from Taipei Fu Jen Catholic University. Faculty of Theology. He is author of books and articles about Taiwan, China and moral theology...

     (b. 1967), Italian Roman Catholic priest and author
  • Pietro Ferrero
    Pietro Ferrero
    Pietro Ferrero was the founder of Ferrero SpA, an Italian confectionery and chocolatier company. His company invented Nutella, a hazelnut-cream spread, which is now sold in over 75 countries....

     (1898–1949), founder of Ferrero SpA, father of Michele Ferrero
  • Pietro Ferrero Jr.
    Pietro Ferrero Jr.
    Pietro Ferrero was a joint CEO of Italian confectionery company Ferrero SpA from 1997 until his death in April 2011....

     (1963-2011), managing director of Ferrero SpA until his death, son of Michele Ferrero

  • Ferrero-Biella
    Biella is a town and comune in the northern Italian region of Piemonte, the capital of the province of the same name, with some 45,800 inhabitants as of 2009. It is located about 80 km northeast of Turin and about 80 km west-northwest of Milan.It lies in the foothills of the Alps,...

    , noble dynasty
  • Ferrero SpA
    Ferrero SpA
    Ferrero SpA is an Italian manufacturer of chocolate and other confectionery products, founded by confectioner Pietro Ferrero in 1946 and based in Alba, Piedmont, Italy. The company achieved success headed by Pietro's son Michele Ferrero, then Michele's son Pietro , who oversaw global business...

    , Italian confectionery
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