Fairbanks (surname)
Fairbanks is a surname, and may refer to:
  • Avard Fairbanks
    Avard Fairbanks
    Avard Tennyson Fairbanks was a prolific 20th century American sculptor. Three of his sculptures are in the United States Capitol, and the state capitols in both Utah and Wyoming, as well as numerous other locations, also have his works...

  • Charles W. Fairbanks
    Charles W. Fairbanks
    Charles Warren Fairbanks was a Senator from Indiana and the 26th Vice President of the United States ....

  • Chuck Fairbanks
    Chuck Fairbanks
    Chuck Fairbanks is a former American football coach, a head coach at the high school, collegiate and professional levels. The offensive and defensive systems he introduced and helped develop have proven influential in the NFL....

  • Dana Fairbanks
  • Douglas Fairbanks
    Douglas Fairbanks
    Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. was an American actor, screenwriter, director and producer. He was best known for his swashbuckling roles in silent films such as The Thief of Bagdad, Robin Hood, and The Mark of Zorro....

  • Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
    Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
    Douglas Elton Fairbanks, Jr. KBE was an American actor and a highly decorated naval officer of World War II.-Early life:...

  • Erastus Fairbanks
    Erastus Fairbanks
    Erastus Fairbanks was an American manufacturer and Whig politician.He studied law but abandoned it for mercantile pursuits, finally settling in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, where in 1824 he formed a partnership with his brother Thaddeus for the manufacture of scales, stoves and plows...

  • Gene Fairbanks
    Gene Fairbanks
    Gene Fairbanks is an Australian rugby union footballer. He currently plays for the Brumbies in the international Super 14 competition. His usual position is at inside centre or fly-half.-Career:...

  • Horace Fairbanks
    Horace Fairbanks
    Horace Fairbanks was the 36th Governor of Vermont from 1876 to 1878.He was born in Barnet, Vermont, the third of nine children of Erastus Fairbanks and his wife Lois Crossman. He was educated in the county schools and Phillips Andover Academy. He became confidential clerk of E. & T. Fairbanks & Co...

  • Jason Fairbanks
    Jason Fairbanks
    Jason Fairbanks was an early American murderer. Fairbanks came from a prominent family in Dedham, Massachusetts. He was the son of Ebenezer and Prudence Farrington Fairbanks and lived in the Fairbanks House, today the oldest wood-framed house in the country. He was born with a lame arm...

  • Jerry Fairbanks
    Jerry Fairbanks
    Gerald Bertram "Jerry" Fairbanks was a producer and director in the Hollywood motion picture and television industry....

  • Jonathan Fairbanks
    Jonathan Fairbanks
    Jonathan Fairbanks was an American colonist born in Heptonstall, Halifax, Yorkshire, England who immigrated to New England in 1633...

  • Jonathan Leo Fairbanks
    Jonathan Leo Fairbanks
    Jonathan Leo Fairbanks is an American artist and expert of American arts and antiques. Fairbanks created the American decorative arts and sculpture department at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and served as the department’s Curator from 1970-1999.Fairbanks is the son of the American sculptor,...

  • Madeline and Marion Fairbanks
    Madeline and Marion Fairbanks
    Madeline and her twin sister Marion Fairbanks were stage and motion picture actresses active in the silent era. The two sisters were seemingly inseparable...

  • Mason Fairbanks, fictional character
  • Nola Fairbanks
    Nola Fairbanks
    Nola Fairbanks is the granddaughter of Mormon pioneers Ralph Jacobus Fairbanks and Celestia Adelaide Johnson Fairbanks from Payson, Utah and Death Valley, California and has done film and Broadway work...

  • Ralph Jacobus Fairbanks
    Ralph Jacobus Fairbanks
    Ralph Jacobus Fairbanks was an American prospector, entrepreneur and pioneer who established several towns in the Death Valley area of California, including Fairbanks Springs , Shoshone , and Baker ....

  • Thaddeus Fairbanks
    Thaddeus Fairbanks
    Thaddeus Fairbanks was an American inventor. He was an inventor of heating and cook stoves, cast iron plows, and other items. His greatest success was the invention and manufacture of the platform scale, which allowed the weighing of large objects accurately.- Biography :Fairbanks was born in...

    , inventor
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