Euklidis Kourtidis
Efkleidis Kourtidis was a Greek
The Greeks, also known as the Hellenes , are a nation and ethnic group native to Greece, Cyprus and neighboring regions. They also form a significant diaspora, with Greek communities established around the world....

 revolutionary leader of Pontos
Pontic Greeks
The Pontians are an ethnic group traditionally living in the Pontus region, the shores of Turkey's Black Sea...


Kourtidis was the head of Greek guerrilla forces based in the town of Santa (Dumanlı
Dumanlı is a mid-size town in the border of Trabzon and Gümüşhane in Pontos.It consist of seven villages:* Piştofandon: 400 houses, St. Kyriake, St. Panteleimon, St. Christophoros churches, a primary school and fountain of Christoforos. Etymology pishtof "gun" + anton toponomical suffix in Greek*...

), Pontus
Pontus or Pontos is a historical Greek designation for a region on the southern coast of the Black Sea, located in modern-day northeastern Turkey. The name was applied to the coastal region in antiquity by the Greeks who colonized the area, and derived from the Greek name of the Black Sea: Πόντος...

 that resisted Turkish bands. During the Pontic Greek Genocide (1912–1922) he rescued a large number of women and children from the advancing armies of Kemal. They were finally transported safely to Greece
Greece , officially the Hellenic Republic , and historically Hellas or the Republic of Greece in English, is a country in southeastern Europe....


His statue is erected in Nea Santa
Nea Santa
Nea Santa , known under the Slavic name Volovot until 1926, is a small town in Kilkis Prefecture, in the Central Macedonia region of Greece. It has a population of 1538 . Nea Santa is south of the city of Kilkis in the Kilkis municipality...

, Kilkis
Kilkis is an industrial city in Central Macedonia, Greece. As of 2001 there were 17,430 people living in the city proper, 24,812 people living in the municipal unit, and 56,336 in the municipality of Kilkis. It is also the capital city of the regional unit of Kilkis.-Name:Kilkis is located in a...

, Greece.
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