Emiliano Salinas
Emiliano Salinas is a Mexican political activist and the Vice President of Prorsus Capital.


Emiliano Salinas is the son of former Mexican president, Carlos Salinas de Gortari and wife Cecilia Occelli.

Prior to working at Prorsus Capital, Salinas received his Bachelor's degree in Economics from ITAM ( the Spanish acronym for Autonomous Technology Institute of Mexico) in Mexico. Later, he received his Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University
Harvard University
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Prior to receiving his Ph.D. from Harvard, Salinas worked as a financial analyst
Financial analyst
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 for the Lazard Freres and Co. LLC investment bank in New York City, where he participated in mergers and acquisitions involving Telefonica de España, Anheuser-Busch
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 InBev, and Revlon
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 among others.

In addition to serving as the Vice President of Prorsus Capital, Salinas is a general coordinator of Movimiento IN LAK’ ECH por la Paz, A.C. (IN LAK’ ECH Peace Movement) in Mexico, a "civil initiative seeking to restore peace in Mexico by strengthening its society to transform violence with compassion."

Political Activism

Aside from his professional career, Salinas has arisen as a staunch voice against violence and corruption in Mexico, and he offers that the ;culture of self victimization is to blame for the plight of mexico in 2011. It is his belief that if Mexicans were proactive through the use of Civil Resistance
Civil resistance
The term civil resistance, alongside the term nonviolent resistance, is used to describe political action that relies on the use of non-violent methods by civil groups to challenge a particular power, force, policy or regime. Civil resistance operates through appeals to the adversary, pressure and...

, they would have the power to overthrow the regional subjugation of the large drug cartels. He describes and suggests solutions to these problems in his four levels of response against violence:

4 levels of civil response against violence:
  • Denial and Apathy

  • Fear

  • Rage

  • Non-Violent Action

Salinas believes that Mexicans are in denial about the state of their country, and describes this as the first and most sedentary level of response. Although Salinas mentions rage as an important step in combating violence, he is a student of non-violent resistance, and believes that the Mexican people should channel their rage into pacific activism. Salinas references the kidnapping of Eric LeBaron,, to illustrate the power of Mexican civil response, and with it a challenge to the clandestine political voices of Mexico to begin recognizing these problems and implementing solutions.


In 2011, Salinas participated in the TED
TED (conference)
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xSanMigueldeAllende conference in which he discussed issues such as the current climate of violence in Mexico and how Mexican society responds to it. During the talk, Salinas called on ordinary citizens to move from denial and fear to peaceful, community-based action. This is the first talk posted on TED.com that was delivered in a language other than English (it does have English subtitles).
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