Ekstra Bladet
Ekstra Bladet (ˈɛɡsdʁɐˌblæˀð) is a Danish
Danish language
Danish is a North Germanic language spoken by around six million people, principally in the country of Denmark. It is also spoken by 50,000 Germans of Danish ethnicity in the northern parts of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, where it holds the status of minority language...

 tabloid newspaper
A newspaper is a scheduled publication containing news of current events, informative articles, diverse features and advertising. It usually is printed on relatively inexpensive, low-grade paper such as newsprint. By 2007, there were 6580 daily newspapers in the world selling 395 million copies a...

 focusing on sensationalist
Sensationalism is a type of editorial bias in mass media in which events and topics in news stories and pieces are over-hyped to increase viewership or readership numbers...

 stories. It gets a share of its income from sex ads. Since 1979 it has always had a partly or completely naked woman on page nine which is referred to as Side 9 Pigen ("The Page 9 Girl"), a Danish equivalent of the English Page Three girl
Page Three girl
Page Three is a tabloid newspaper feature consisting of a topless photograph of a female glamour model, usually printed on the paper's third page...

. The current editor is Poul Madsen, who on September 6, 2007 replaced Hans Engell
Hans Engell
Hans Engell is a Danish former politician and journalist, who until 6 September 2007 was the editor-in-chief of the tabloid Ekstra Bladet, a position he had held for seven years...


The political leaning of the newspaper might traditionally be viewed as social-liberal
Social liberalism
Social liberalism is the belief that liberalism should include social justice. It differs from classical liberalism in that it believes the legitimate role of the state includes addressing economic and social issues such as unemployment, health care, and education while simultaneously expanding...

 (as it is an offspring of Politiken
Politiken is a Danish daily broadsheet newspaper, published by JP/Politikens Hus.The newspaper comes third among Danish newspapers in terms of both number of readers and circulated copies ....

), but it would probably be more accurate to say that the newspaper considers itself in opposition to anyone in a position of power (a watchdog
Watchdog journalism
Watchdog journalism aims to hold accountable public personalities and institutions, whose functions impact social and political life. The term "lapdog journalism", for journalism biased in favour of personalities and institutions, is sometimes used as a conceptual opposite to watchdog...

), and the defender of the ordinary man.

Ekstra Bladet's readership and circulation have declined from 2008 to 2010.

Ekstra Bladet application rejected by Apple's App Store

In December 2010 Ekstra Bladet editor-in-chief Poul Madsen threatened to complain to the European Court of Justice
European Court of Justice
The Court can sit in plenary session, as a Grand Chamber of 13 judges, or in chambers of three or five judges. Plenary sitting are now very rare, and the court mostly sits in chambers of three or five judges...

 after its submission of an application to Apple's App Store was rejected. Madsen claimed the application was deemed offensive, and in an editorial described Apple as being an "American nanny".

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