Dying Breed (song)
Dying Breed is a song by the American heavy metal
Heavy metal music
Heavy metal is a genre of rock music that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s, largely in the Midlands of the United Kingdom and the United States...

 band Five Finger Death Punch
Five Finger Death Punch
Five Finger Death Punch is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. Formed in 2005, the group's name is derived from classic oriental martial arts cinema. The band originally consisted of vocalist Ivan Moody, guitarist Zoltan Bathory, guitarist Caleb Bingham, bassist Matt Snell,...

. It is the third single from their second album War Is the Answer
War Is the Answer
War Is the Answer is the second studio album by American heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch. It was released on September 22, 2009 through Prospect Park Records. The album debuted at number 7 on the Billboard 200 selling approximately 44,000 copies in its first week...

, and their sixth single overall. The single was released exclusively through Spinefarm Records
Spinefarm Records
Spinefarm Records is a Finland-based record label focusing mainly on heavy metal artists. In 1999, a sub-label titled Spikefarm Records was started by Sami Tenetz from Thy Serpent...

 as a digital download
Music download
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 in the UK on November 16, 2009. The single also features the song, "Succubus
Succubus (song)
"Succubus" is a song by the Los Angeles based, American heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch.-Background:...

", a bonus track from War Is the Answer. "Dying Breed" was featured on the Splatterhouse video game soundtrack in 2010.

Writing and recording

Guitarist Zoltan Bathory told Metal Hammer
Metal Hammer
Metal Hammer is a monthly heavy metal music magazine published in the United Kingdom by Future Publishing, and in several other countries by different publishers. Metal Hammer articles feature both mainstream bands and more unusual acts from the whole spectrum of heavy metal music...

: “You know, we didn’t have an awful lot of time in which to make the new record, and this was the last track that Ivan added his vocals to. That’s why we originally had it down as a bonus track, because it was being worked on right at the end of our schedule… but when we heard the finished thing, we knew it had to go on the album. Track One! “In a way, it’s a bit like ‘Ashes’ on the first album – 196 bpm, really fast, a heavy aggressive track with a great melodic chorus. It really was the missing piece of the puzzle…”

Track listing


  • Ivan Moody
    Ivan L. Moody
    Ivan L. Moody, also known by the pseudonym Ghost, is the singer for American Heavy metal group Five Finger Death Punch from Sacramento, California. He had performed for several bands before settling down with FFDP...

     — vocals
  • Jason Hook
    Jason Hook
    Jason Hook is a Canadian guitarist, record producer, songwriter and session musician.-Biography and Career:...

     — guitar
    The guitar is a plucked string instrument, usually played with fingers or a pick. The guitar consists of a body with a rigid neck to which the strings, generally six in number, are attached. Guitars are traditionally constructed of various woods and strung with animal gut or, more recently, with...

  • Zoltan Bathory
    Zoltan Bathory
    Zoltán Báthory is a Hungarian-born musician. He is the co-founder and one of the main songwriters for the Los Angeles-based hard rock band Five Finger Death Punch.-Career:...

     — guitars
  • Matt Snell — bass
    Bass guitar
    The bass guitar is a stringed instrument played primarily with the fingers or thumb , or by using a pick....

  • Jeremy Spencer — drums
    Drum kit
    A drum kit is a collection of drums, cymbals and often other percussion instruments, such as cowbells, wood blocks, triangles, chimes, or tambourines, arranged for convenient playing by a single person ....

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