Diplocercides is a genus
In biology, a genus is a low-level taxonomic rank used in the biological classification of living and fossil organisms, which is an example of definition by genus and differentia...

 of prehistoric lobe-finned fishbelonging to the coelacanth group (Actinistia or Coelacanthiformes) which lived during the Late Devonian  period (between 370 and 397 million years BCE). Fossils of Diplocercides have been found in Germany
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, Iran
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, Ireland
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, Australia
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 and Poland
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 (and possibly in South Africa
South Africa
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 in 1937).Recently three-dimensional fossils of Diplocercides were uncovered from the Gogo Formation of Western Australia

Species of Diplocercides

  • Diplocercides davisi Moy-Thomas, 1937
  • Diplocercides heiligenstockiensis Jessen
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    , 1966
  • Diplocercides kayseri von Koenen, 1895
  • Diplocercides jaekeli Stensio, 1922

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