Dimenticare Palermo
Dimenticare Palermo is a 1989 Italian political thriller starring James Belushi
James Belushi
James Adam "Jim" Belushi is an American actor, comedian, and musician. He is the younger brother of comic actor John Belushi.-Early life:Belushi was born in Chicago...

, Mimi Rogers
Mimi Rogers
Mimi Rogers is an American movie actress and competitive poker player.-Early life:Rogers was born Miriam Spickler in Coral Gables, Florida, the daughter of Philip C...

 and Joss Ackland
Joss Ackland
Sidney Edmond Jocelyn Ackland CBE , known as Joss Ackland, is an English actor who has appeared in more than 130 films and numerous television roles.-Early life:...

 and directed by Francesco Rosi
Francesco Rosi
Francesco Rosi is an Italian film director. He is the father of actress Carolina Rosi.-Biography:After studying Law, but hoping to study film, Rosi entered the industry as an assistant to Luchino Visconti on La Terra trema...

 and co-written by Gore Vidal
Gore Vidal
Gore Vidal is an American author, playwright, essayist, screenwriter, and political activist. His third novel, The City and the Pillar , outraged mainstream critics as one of the first major American novels to feature unambiguous homosexuality...

. The film was released under the title The Palermo Connection in North America. The script is based on the Prix Goncourt
Prix Goncourt
The Prix Goncourt is a prize in French literature, given by the académie Goncourt to the author of "the best and most imaginative prose work of the year"...

 winning novel Oublier Palerme (1966) by French author Edmonde Charles-Roux
Edmonde Charles-Roux
Edmonde Charles-Roux is a French writer.-Origin :She is the daughter of Francois Charles-Roux, Ambassador of France, member of the Institute of France, and last president of the Suez Canal Company....


The actual rating is unknown; while the IMDb lists it as R, at least one home video release gives it as PG-13.


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