Deus Ex
Deus Ex is an action role-playing game
Action role-playing game
Action role-playing games form a loosely defined sub-genre of role-playing video games that incorporate elements of action or action-adventure games, emphasizing real-time action where the player has direct control over characters, instead of turn-based or menu-based combat...

 developed by Ion Storm Inc.
Ion Storm Inc.
Ion Storm Inc. was a Texas based developer of computer games founded by John Romero, Tom Hall , Todd Porter, and Jerry O'Flaherty, under the slogan "Design is Law"...

 and published by Eidos Interactive
Eidos Interactive
Eidos Interactive Ltd. is a British video game publisher and is a label of Square Enix Europe. As an independent company Eidos plc was headquartered in the Wimbledon Bridge House in Wimbledon, London Borough of Merton....

 in 2000, which combines gameplay elements of first-person shooters with those of role-playing video game
Role-playing video game
Role-playing video games are a video game genre with origins in pen-and-paper role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons, using much of the same terminology, settings and game mechanics. The player in RPGs controls one character, or several adventuring party members, fulfilling one or many quests...

s. The game received near-universal critical and industry acclaim, including being named "Best PC
Personal computer
A personal computer is any general-purpose computer whose size, capabilities, and original sales price make it useful for individuals, and which is intended to be operated directly by an end-user with no intervening computer operator...

 Game of All Time" in PC Gamer
PC Gamer
PC Gamer is a magazine founded in Britain in 1993 devoted to PC gaming and published monthly by Future Publishing. The magazine has several regional editions, with the UK and US editions becoming the best selling PC games magazines in their respective countries...

's Top 100 PC Games and in a poll carried out by UK gaming magazine
Magazines, periodicals, glossies or serials are publications, generally published on a regular schedule, containing a variety of articles. They are generally financed by advertising, by a purchase price, by pre-paid magazine subscriptions, or all three...

 PC Zone
PC Zone
PC Zone was the first magazine dedicated to games for IBM-compatible personal computers to be published in the United Kingdom. Earlier PC magazines such as PC Leisure, PC Format and PC Plus had covered games but only as part of a wider remit. PC Zone was founded in 1993.The magazine was published...

. It was a frequent candidate for and winner of Game of the Year
Game of the Year
Game of the Year is a title awarded by various magazines, websites, and shows to a deserving game. Many are only for PC or console video games...

 awards, drawing praise for its pioneering designs in player choice and multiple narrative paths.

"My vision is augmented."

"When due process fails us, we really do live in a world of terror."

"Well, since that makes you my new boss, take a good look at Manderley's dead body. Consider that my resignation. I don't have time to write a letter."

"You mechs may have copper wiring to reroute your fear of pain, but I've got nerves of steel."

"Amazing when you think about it. All the hours I dreamed of working here. All the heroic fantasies when really this place is just a cinderblock bunker with a carpet."

"I never had time to take the Oath of Service to the Coalition. How about this one? I swear not to rest until UNATCO is free of you and the other crooked bureaucrats who have perverted its mission."

"A bomb's a bad choice for close-range combat."

"A BOMB?!"

"This better not be a joke."

"Some gang-banger, maybe you should think about going back to school."