• An extension or projecting part of a tree.

When the tree is lying on the ground, branches may be storing enormous potential energy
Potential energy
In physics, potential energy is the energy stored in a body or in a system due to its position in a force field or due to its configuration. The SI unit of measure for energy and work is the Joule...

 through mechanical strain
Strain (materials science)
In continuum mechanics, the infinitesimal strain theory, sometimes called small deformation theory, small displacement theory, or small displacement-gradient theory, deals with infinitesimal deformations of a continuum body...

. When a branch is cut, often with a chain saw, this energy can be released suddenly and the branch can jump dangerously. In addition, a branch may be supporting the tree, and the tree can fall or roll when the branch is cut. For these reasons, delimbing is a skilled operation requiring careful safety planning.

In British English
British English
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, limbing can be synonymous with snedding
Snedding is the process of stripping the side shoots and buds from the length of a branch or shoot, usually of a tree or woody shrub. Most commonly this process is performed during hedge laying....

. Alternatively, limbing can be used to describe the operation on larger branches, and snedding on smaller.
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