Darold Williamson
Darold Williamson is an American
United States
The United States of America is a federal constitutional republic comprising fifty states and a federal district...

 track athlete
Track and field
Track and field is a sport comprising various competitive athletic contests based around the activities of running, jumping and throwing. The name of the sport derives from the venue for the competitions: a stadium which features an oval running track surrounding a grassy area...


He ran the anchor leg on the gold medal winning 4x400 meter relay
Athletics at the 2004 Summer Olympics - Men's 4 x 400 metres relay
The men's 4×400 metres relay was one of 23 track events of the athletics at the 2004 Summer Olympics, in Athens. It was contested at the Athens Olympic Stadium, from August 27 to August 28, by a total of sixteen national teams comprising 64 athletes....

 team at the 2004 Summer Olympics
Athletics at the 2004 Summer Olympics
At the 2004 Summer Olympics, the athletics events were held at the Athens Olympic Stadium from August 18 to August 29, except for the marathons , the race walks , and the shot put...

 in Athens
Athens , is the capital and largest city of Greece. Athens dominates the Attica region and is one of the world's oldest cities, as its recorded history spans around 3,400 years. Classical Athens was a powerful city-state...

. He is 2005 graduate of Baylor University
Baylor University
Baylor University is a private, Christian university located in Waco, Texas. Founded in 1845, Baylor is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.-History:...

 in Waco, Texas
Waco, Texas
Waco is a city in and the county seat of McLennan County, Texas. Situated along the Brazos River and on the I-35 corridor, halfway between Dallas and Austin, it is the economic, cultural, and academic center of the 'Heart of Texas' region....

, where he won the Big 12 Conference
Big 12 Conference
The Big 12 Conference is a college athletic conference of ten schools located in the Central United States, with its headquarters located in Las Colinas, a community in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Irving...

 championship in the 400 meter run three years in a row (2001–2003). He set a personal best of 44.27 seconds in the 400 meter run in the semifinals of the NCAA Outdoor Championships in 2005. He is a 2001 graduate of Business Careers High School
Business Careers High School
Business Careers High School is a business magnet high school part of the Northside Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas. It is a "school within a school" located on the campus of Oliver Wendell Holmes High School. The school attracts students who want to study business and other...

 in San Antonio, Texas. Williamson was in the foster care
Foster care
Foster care is the term used for a system in which a minor who has been made a ward is placed in the private home of a state certified caregiver referred to as a "foster parent"....

 program of the State of Texas and is a Preparation for Adult Living(PAL) alumnus.

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