in academia

  • D.Sc., Doctor of Science
    Doctor of Science
    Doctor of Science , usually abbreviated Sc.D., D.Sc., S.D. or Dr.Sc., is an academic research degree awarded in a number of countries throughout the world. In some countries Doctor of Science is the name used for the standard doctorate in the sciences, elsewhere the Sc.D...

  • Doctor of Surgical Chiropody, superseded in the 1960s by Doctor of Podiatric Medicine
  • Dalton State College
    Dalton State College
    Dalton State College, also referred to as DSC or Dalton State, is one of eight state colleges in the University System of Georgia; it is also one of four University System units with a Technical Division supervised by the separate Technical College System of Georgia...

    , Georgia
  • Daytona State College, Florida
  • Deep Springs College
    Deep Springs College
    Deep Springs is a private, all-male , alternative college in Deep Springs, California, in the United States. A two-year college, the institution currently aims for a student body size of 26, though the number is occasionally lower...

    , California
  • Dixie State College of Utah
    Dixie State College of Utah
    Dixie State College of Utah is a college located in St. George, Utah, United States.-History:...

in science and technology

  • DECT Standard Cipher
    DECT Standard Cipher
    DECT Standard Cipher is an encryption standard, used in DECT phones to protect communication between a handset and its associated base station...

    , an encryption algorithm used by wireless telephone systems
  • Differential scanning calorimetry
    Differential scanning calorimetry
    Differential scanning calorimetry or DSC is a thermoanalytical technique in which the difference in the amount of heat required to increase the temperature of a sample and reference is measured as a function of temperature. Both the sample and reference are maintained at nearly the same temperature...

    , or the differential scanning calorimeter
  • Digital Scientific Corporation in computers
  • Digital Selective Calling
    Digital Selective Calling
    Digital Selective Calling or DSC is a standard for sending pre-defined digital messages via the medium frequency , high frequency and very high frequency maritime radio systems. It is a core part of the Global Maritime Distress Safety System .-Workings:DSC was developed to replace a call in older...

     in marine telecommunications
  • Digital Setting Circles on telescopes
  • Digital Signal Controller
    Digital signal controller
    A digital signal controller can be thought of as a hybrid of microcontrollers and digital signal processors . Like microcontrollers, DSCs have fast interrupt responses, offer control-oriented peripherals like PWMs and watchdog timers, and are usually programmed using the C programming language,...

    , a hybrid microcontroller and digital signal processor
  • Digital Still Camera, a prefix used by Sony in all Cyber-shot
    Cyber-shot is a line of digital cameras made by Sony. The first cyber-shot was made by Sony in 1996. The Cyber-shot range is well known for its proprietary InfoLithium battery pack, the trademark Carl Zeiss lenses, and overall design. Also, all Cyber-shot cameras accept Sony's proprietary Memory...

     digital camera models
  • Document Structuring Conventions in PostScript programming
  • Dye-sensitized solar cell
  • Dynamic stability control, also known as Electronic Stability Program
  • .dsc — Filename extension
    Filename extension
    A filename extension is a suffix to the name of a computer file applied to indicate the encoding of its contents or usage....

     for files with description of source package in Debian
    Debian is a computer operating system composed of software packages released as free and open source software primarily under the GNU General Public License along with other free software licenses. Debian GNU/Linux, which includes the GNU OS tools and Linux kernel, is a popular and influential...

  • A format used in Nikon
    , also known as just Nikon, is a multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, specializing in optics and imaging. Its products include cameras, binoculars, microscopes, measurement instruments, and the steppers used in the photolithography steps of semiconductor fabrication, of which...

     camera pictures

in government, politics and the military

  • United States District Court for the District of South Carolina
    United States District Court for the District of South Carolina
    The United States District Court for the District of South Carolina is the federal district court whose jurisdiction is the state of South Carolina...

  • Distinguished Service Cross (Australia)
    Distinguished Service Cross (Australia)
    The Distinguished Service Cross is a military decoration awarded to personnel of the Australian Defence Force. It is awarded for distinguished command and leadership in action. The DSC was introduced in 1991 and is the highest distinguished service decoration in the Australian Honours System...

    , Australian military award
  • Distinguished Service Cross (United Kingdom)
    Distinguished Service Cross (United Kingdom)
    The Distinguished Service Cross is the third level military decoration awarded to officers, and other ranks, of the British Armed Forces, Royal Fleet Auxiliary and British Merchant Navy and formerly also to officers of other Commonwealth countries.The DSC, which may be awarded posthumously, is...

    , British naval award
  • Distinguished Service Cross (United States)
    Distinguished Service Cross (United States)
    The Distinguished Service Cross is the second highest military decoration that can be awarded to a member of the United States Army, for extreme gallantry and risk of life in actual combat with an armed enemy force. Actions that merit the Distinguished Service Cross must be of such a high degree...

    , American military award

in the media, sports and entertainment

  • Daily Source Code
    Daily Source Code
    The Daily Source Code is a podcast by Adam Curry, often considered a pioneer of podcasting. Curry talks about his everyday life and events in the podcasting scene or the news in general, as well as playing music from the Podsafe Music Network and promotions for other podcasts...

    , a podcast by Adam Curry
  • Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw
    Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw
    The Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw Show is a long-running morning radio show in the San Diego, California area. The show is named for its three main hosts, Dave Rickards; Shelly Dunn; and Cookie "Chainsaw" Randolph, known as the "Dean of American Sportscasters".The format of the show combines humor,...

    , a morning radio program in San Diego, California
  • Divide Social Club, created by Milo Ventimiglia
  • Dresdner SC
    Dresdner SC
    Dresdner SC is a German multisport club playing in Dresden, Saxony. Founded on 30 April 1898, the club was a founding member of the German Football Association in 1900...

    , a German football club
  • Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team
    Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team
    Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team was a United States-based professional road bicycle racing team. It was the continuation of the 2004 U.S. Postal Service Pro Cycling Team. Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France winner, was its leader until July 2005...

    - DSC is the team's UCI code
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