Croix de la Valeur Militaire
The Croix de la Valeur Militaire (Cross of Military Valour) is a military decoration of France that recognizes individual holding a mention in Dispatches earned in theaters of operations which are not subject to the award of the Croix de guerre
Croix de guerre
The Croix de guerre is a military decoration of France. It was first created in 1915 and consists of a square-cross medal on two crossed swords, hanging from a ribbon with various degree pins. The decoration was awarded during World War I, again in World War II, and in other conflicts...


The medal is awarded only for valor
Valor or valour may mean:* Valor , by J. W. Cockerill* Courage, a similar meaning* Valor , roughly "courage in defense of a noble cause"* Valor , a DC Comics superhero...

, at different levels.
  • Mention in regimental dispatches : bronze star ;
  • Mention in brigade dispatches : bronze star ;
  • Mention in division dispatches : silver star ;
  • Mention in army corps dispatches : gold star ;
  • Mention in army dispatches : bronze palm. This last medal is awarded as en route medal when a soldier is awarded a médaille militaire
    Médaille militaire
    The Médaille militaire is a decoration of the French Republic which was first instituted in 1852.-History:The creator of the médaille was the emperor Napoléon III, who may have taken his inspiration in a medal issued by his father, Louis Bonaparte, King of Holland...

     or a légion d'honneur
    Légion d'honneur
    The Legion of Honour, or in full the National Order of the Legion of Honour is a French order established by Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul of the Consulat which succeeded to the First Republic, on 19 May 1802...

    for valor.


Medal: suspended from a ribbon is a 36 mm bronze cross, with the an effigy of the Republic crowned with a wreath, with the edge ebossed: "REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE". On the reverse is the inscription: "Croix de la Valeur militaire".

Ribbon: a red bar with three vertical white bands: a centered 7 mm band, with a smaller 2 mm band on each end.

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