Cressida Granger (entrepreneur)
Cressida Granger is a British entrepreneur. She is the owner and managing director of Mathmos
Mathmos is a British company that sells lighting products, most famously the lava lamp invented by its founder Edward Craven Walker. It is headquartered in its factory in Poole, Dorset.-Company History:...

, the lighting company founded by Edward Craven Walker
Edward Craven Walker
Edward Craven Walker was the inventor of the psychedelic Astro Lamp, known as the Lava Lamp .- War Record :...

, inventor of the lava lamp
Lava lamp
A lava lamp is a decorative novelty item that contains blobs of colored wax inside a glass vessel filled with clear liquid; the wax rises and falls as its density changes due to heating from a incandescent light bulb underneath the vessel. The appearance of the wax is suggestive of pāhoehoe lava,...



Granger took over Mathmos in 1989 growing sales of lava lamps from almost zero to £18 million turnover within 10 years. As joint managing director she led the Mathmos sales and marketing effort to win two Queens Awards for Export and a number of other business awards.

After buying out her business partner David Mulley in 1998 she established Mathmos Design Studio and has led the design team at Mathmos in creating new award winning ambient lighting products both in house and in collaboration with external designers.

Granger is a History of Art Graduate (BA University of Manchester) and was a vintage design dealer specialising in 1960s and early 1970s design.

Creative industry activities

Granger was part of the Government Innovation Review Committee with James Dyson
James Dyson
Sir James Dyson is a British industrial designer and founder of the Dyson company.He is best known as the inventor of the Dual Cyclone bagless vacuum cleaner, which works on the principle of cyclonic separation. His net worth in 2011 was said to be £1.45 billion.-Early life:Dyson was born in...

 and Terrance Conran in 2003.
She has sat on selection and judging panels for various design bodies including 100% Light, D&AD Awards and Design Nation Awards.
Granger lectures occasionally at Ravensbourne Design College on entrepreneurship in design businesses.

Business and marketing awards

Queens Awards for Export 2000 and 1997
Verve Cliquot Woman of the Year Finalist 1999
Fast Track 100 (3rd fastest growing manufacturer 1999)
Yell Award best commercial website 1997
Design Week Best Consumer website 1998

Design awards

Red Dot Awards: 2006 (Grito), 2002 (Tumbler), 2001 (Bubble)
Gift Magazine Design Homewares winner 2005 (Airswitch tc)
Design Week commendations: 2004 (Airswitch Az), 2003 (Aduki), 2002 (Tumbler), 2001 (Fluidium)
House and Garden best consumer product 2004. (Airswitch Az)
Form 2001 Award (Tumbler)
Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA) 2001 (Bubble)
D&AD commendation 2001 (Bubble)
Light Magazine Decorative Lighting Award 2001 (Bubble)
FX Magazine finalist best lighting product 2000 (Fluidium)
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