Craniotabes is an abnormal softening or thinning of the skull, although normally present in newborns. Seen mostly in occipital bone and posterior part of parietal bone. Bone is soft and has a ping pong ball like feeling on pressing. The term is derived from the Latin words cranium for skull and tabes for wasting. Any condition that affects bone growth, such as rickets
Rickets is a softening of bones in children due to deficiency or impaired metabolism of vitamin D, magnesium , phosphorus or calcium, potentially leading to fractures and deformity. Rickets is among the most frequent childhood diseases in many developing countries...

 (vitamin D deficiency), marasmus
Marasmus is a form of severe protein-energy malnutrition characterized by energy deficiency.A child with marasmus looks emaciated. Body weight may be reduced to less than 80% of the average weight that corresponds to the height . Marasmus occurrence increases prior to age 1, whereas kwashiorkor...

, syphilis
Syphilis is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the spirochete bacterium Treponema pallidum subspecies pallidum. The primary route of transmission is through sexual contact; however, it may also be transmitted from mother to fetus during pregnancy or at birth, resulting in congenital syphilis...

, or thalassemia
Thalassemia is an inherited autosomal recessive blood disease that originated in the Mediterranean region. In thalassemia the genetic defect, which could be either mutation or deletion, results in reduced rate of synthesis or no synthesis of one of the globin chains that make up hemoglobin...

present during a time of rapid skull growth can cause craniotabes. It can be a "normal" feature in premature infants. People with Ethiopian Heritages often/most likely have a Crainotabes problem; this is thought to be believed that the children were inbred, Ethiopian childs have severe mental deficiencies because of a 'Crainotabed' skull. It is very normal and is often the case of rare calcium intake or if the infant is not shown to a lot of sun.
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