Comviq was the trademark
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 of Swedish
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 mobile phone
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s. Later on the brand name was used for first-ever Swedish debit card
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The company was established as Comvik in 1981 as an attempt to break the existing monopoly at the time.

In 1991, the name was changed to Comviq with the introduction of the new GSM network. But the old name Comvik was retained for the analog system for a few more years before it was phased out.

Comviq GSM merged with Tele2
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in 1997, but the name Comviq was retained as a brand, together with Tele2's own brand Tele2 Mobile. In 2004 name was changed to Tele2Comviq. In 2007 the brand was completely replaced by Tele2 brand.

Comviq Kontant

In 1997, the mother company also introduced Comviq Kontant as the first prepaid card in Sweden. Despite Tele2Comviq being dropped for GSM, the Comviq name was retained for the prepaid cards with a new logo and design introduced to distinguish it as a debit card.
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