Clara Louisa Wells
Clara Louisa Wells was an American
United States
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 writer and inventor who lived between 1848/1850 and 1923/1925. She was born in New England, studied in Boston and took a degree in science. She had very good knowledge of Latin, Greek, Italian and French.
She started work with her first publication, "Alban Hills - Vol. I - Frascati". Throughout her life she continued to write in Europe
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 - (France) and America.

Near the end of her life she wrote a series of peace pamphlets on the League of Nations
League of Nations
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and European politic.


She has written the following books and other publications:
  • 1906 Arrondissement of Valence in the Department of the Drome - France - ed. L'imprimerie valentinoise - Valence - Drome - Pos. A 525 Archives départementales de Valence - France
  • 1915 Arrondissement de Nice - France - ed. L'imprimerie valentinoise - Valence - Drome
  • 1915 A League between Nation - ed. L'imprimerie valentinoise - Valence (Drome) France - Series:Pamphlets on peace. No. 89 - LC Classification: JX1937.P3 n. 89.
  • 1922 The Arrondissement of Puget-Théniers in the département of the Alpes Maritimes - Valence - France - ed. Imprimerie valentinoise

One copy of each her French works are kept in public library "Médiathèque Publique et Universitaire" de Valence (Drome) - France.


  • 1897-05-29 Improvements in Aerial Routes, and connected with the Distillation, Storage, and Supply of Water. List of UK Intellectual Property Office - Publication info:GB189613715 (1)
  • 1897-10-16 Center providing Means for Controlling and Utilizing Volcanic, Aqueous, and Meteorological Forces. List of UK Intellectual Property Office - Publication info:GB189712836 (1)
  • 1899-05-13 Secure Modes of Exploring the Cold and Hot Regions of the Earth by Means of Centers of Elevation and Depression, with Reference to Volcanic, Aqueous, and Meteorological Forces, and of Routes Suspended with or without Ballons. List of UK Intellectual Property Office - Publication info: GB189815679 (1)
  • 1909-10-22 Improvements in, and relating to, the Propulsion, by Balloons, of Ships and other Vessels Navigable in Water. List of UK Intellectual Property Office- Publication info:GB190822417 (1)
  • (1) Inventions info from European Patent Office
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