Century Guild of Artists
The Century Guild of Artists was an English group of art enthusiasts that were active between 1883 and 1892. It was founded in 1882 by Arthur Heygate Mackmurdo. The Century Guild aimed to preserve the artistic trade and the authenticity of the craftsmen behind it. The members were forerunners of the Arts and Crafts Movement
Arts and Crafts movement
Arts and Crafts was an international design philosophy that originated in England and flourished between 1860 and 1910 , continuing its influence until the 1930s...

 which aimed to unify the arts. Roughly 20 people were associated with the guild, but the only members were Arthur Heygate Mackmurdo, Herbert Horne
Herbert Horne
Herbert Percy Horne was an English poet, architect, typographer and designer, art historian and antiquarian. He was an associate of the Rhymer's Club in London...

 and Selwyn Image
Selwyn Image
Selwyn Image was a British clergyman, designer, including of stained glass windows and poet....


The Guild produced primarily domestic design such as furniture, stained glass, metalwork, decorative painting and architectural design. The style was high end and was based on both 18th-century art and Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau
Art Nouveau is an international philosophy and style of art, architecture and applied art—especially the decorative arts—that were most popular during 1890–1910. The name "Art Nouveau" is French for "new art"...

. Despite limited disbursement, the group gained recognition through exhibiting. These designs were all displayed at the Inventions Exhibition (London, 1885), the Exhibition of Navigation and Manufacture (Liverpool, 1886), Pownall Hall (1886–7; Cheshire) and the Royal Jubilee Exhibition (Manchester, 1887).

The group also published a quarterly magazine called 'The Century Guild Hobby Horse' which ran from 1884–1892. The journal was then renamed The Hobby Horse
The Hobby Horse
The Hobby Horse was a quarterly Victorian periodical in England published by the Century Guild of Artists. The magazine ran from 1884-1894 and spanned a total of seven volumes and 28 issues. It featured various articles not only on arts and design but other subjects including literature and social...

, and continued for another two years before it ended in 1894. The Hobby Horse served as a way of sharing the views of the Guild and promoted crafted art as opposed to mechanical industry.

The Guild influenced designers such as C. F. A. Voysey and Charles Rennie Mackintosh and influenced the formation of The Arts and Crafts Exhibition Society.
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