Caruncle may refer to:
  • In botany, an elaiosome
    Elaiosomes are fleshy structures that are attached to the seeds of many plant species. The elaiosome is rich in lipids and proteins, and may be variously shaped. Many plants have elaiosomes to attract ants, which take the seed to their nest and feed the elaiosome to their larvae...

     (fleshy structure attached to the seed), especially in the plant family Euphorbiaceae
  • In animal anatomy:
    • prostomium
      Prostomium is the first body segment in annelid worms. It is in front of the mouth, being usually a small shelf- or lip-like extension over the dorsal side of the mouth. It sometimes bears antennae and eyes. It often functions like a kind of overlip when the animal is feeding...

      , the sensory organ of Annelid worms
    • the wattle (anatomy)
      Wattle (anatomy)
      A wattle is a fleshy dewlap or caruncle hanging from various parts of the head or neck in several groups of birds, goats and other animals. In some birds the caruncle is erectile tissue.The wattle is frequently an organ of sexual dimorphism...

      , cockscomb
      Comb (anatomy)
      Anatomically, a comb is a fleshy growth, caruncle, or crest on the top of the head of gallinaceous birds, most notably turkeys, pheasants, and domestic chickens...

      , or snood of some birds
  • In human anatomy:
    • sublingual caruncle
      Sublingual caruncle
      The sublingual caruncle is a site on either side of the frenulum linguae on the sublingual surface of the tongue. There it denotes the site at which the submandibular gland empties into the oral cavity....

      , an area on the tongue
    • a small, red portion of the corner of the eye
      Human eye
      The human eye is an organ which reacts to light for several purposes. As a conscious sense organ, the eye allows vision. Rod and cone cells in the retina allow conscious light perception and vision including color differentiation and the perception of depth...

       that contains modified sebaceous and sweat glands (See Ciaccio's glands
      Ciaccio's glands
      Ciaccio's glands are small tubular accessory lacrimal glands found in the lacrimal caruncle of the eyelid. They are located in the upper border of the tarsus, approximately in the middle between the extremities of the tarsal glands. Sometimes they are situated slightly above the tarsus...

    • various small fleshy excrescences (normal or abnormal outgrowths)
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