Carl Wery
Carl Sebastian Martin Wery (born Wery de Lemans, Trostberg
Trostberg is a town in the district of Traunstein, in Bavaria, Germany. It is situated on the river Alz, 19 km northwest of Traunstein.-History:During World War II, a subcamp of Dachau concentration camp was located in the town....

, Upper Bavaria
Upper Bavaria
Upper Bavaria is one of the seven administrative regions of Bavaria, Germany.- Geography :Upper Bavaria is located in the southern portion of Bavaria, and is centered around the city of Munich. It is subdivided into four regions : Ingolstadt, Munich, Bayerisches Oberland , and Südostoberbayern...

, 7 August 1894 – Munich
Munich The city's motto is "" . Before 2006, it was "Weltstadt mit Herz" . Its native name, , is derived from the Old High German Munichen, meaning "by the monks' place". The city's name derives from the monks of the Benedictine order who founded the city; hence the monk depicted on the city's coat...

, 14 March 1975) was a German
Germany , officially the Federal Republic of Germany , is a federal parliamentary republic in Europe. The country consists of 16 states while the capital and largest city is Berlin. Germany covers an area of 357,021 km2 and has a largely temperate seasonal climate...



  • 1933: Keinen Tag ohne Dich
  • 1935: Königswalzer
  • 1937: Weltraum Schiff I Startet Eine Technische Fantasie as Commodore Hardt
  • 1939: Wasser für Canitoga
  • 1939: Der ewige Quell
  • 1940: Weltraumschiff I startet ...
  • 1940: Feinde
  • 1941: Venus vor Gericht
  • 1942: Kleine Residenz
  • 1944: Via mala
  • 1948: Frau Holle
  • 1949: Tromba
  • 1950: Dr. Holl
    Dr. Holl
    Dr. Holl is a 1951 German drama film directed by Rolf Hansen. At the 1st Berlin International Film Festival it won the Certificate of Honour award.-Cast:* Maria Schell - Angelika Alberti* Dieter Borsche - Dr...

  • 1951: Blaubart
  • 1952: Heidi
  • 1952: Desires
    Desires (film)
    Desires is a 1952 German drama film directed by Rolf Hansen. It was entered into the 1952 Cannes Film Festival.-Cast:* Heidemarie Hatheyer - Anna Falkner* O. W. Fischer - Hans Falkner* Sybil Werden - Bozena Boroszi* René Deltgen - Dr. med. Steininger...

  • 1953: Ein Herz spielt falsch (with O. W. Fischer
    O. W. Fischer
    Otto Wilhelm Fischer was an Austrian actor. A leading man of German cinema, he began his career with Max Reinhardt's stage company....

     and Ruth Leuwerik
    Ruth Leuwerik
    Ruth Leuwerik is a German film actress. She appeared in 34 films between 1950 and 1977. Leuwerik is probably best known for her portrayal of Maria von Trapp in the films The Trapp Family and The Trapp Family in America. In the 1950s she and Dieter Borsche were considered as the ideal couple of the...

  • 1954: Konsul Strotthoff
  • 1954: Columbus Discovers Kraehwinkel
    Columbus Discovers Kraehwinkel
    Columbus Discovers Kraehwinkel is a 1954 West German comedy film directed by Ulrich Erfurth and Alexander Paal and starring Eva Kerbler, Charles Chaplin Jr. and Rudolf Platte.-Partial cast:...

  • 1955: Es geschah am 20. Juli
  • 1956: Rosen für Bettina
  • 1957: Der Bauerndoktor von Bayrischzell
  • 1958: Der Elefant im Porzellanladen
  • 1959: Kriegsgericht
  • 1960: Stefanie in Rio
  • 1961: Die Liebe ist ein seltsames Spiel
  • 1962: Trompeten der Liebe
  • 1964: Lausbubengeschichten
  • 1965: Tante Frieda – Neue Lausbubengeschichten

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