Canadian Automobile Machine Gun Brigade
The Canadian Automobile Machine Gun Brigade, also known as Brutinel's Brigade or the Brutinel Brigade, was the first fully mechanized unit of the British Army
British Army
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. It was established on September 9, 1914 by Canadian Brigadier-General Raymond Brutinel
Raymond Brutinel
Brigadier-General Raymond Brutinel CB CMG DSO was a geologist, journalist, soldier, entrepreneur and a pioneer in the field of mechanized warfare who commanded the Canadian Automobile Machine Gun Brigade during World War I....

, who initiated the program and was the unit's first commander. The unit played a significant part in halting the major German
German Army
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offensive of March 1918.

In 1918 Brutinel's force consisted of 1st and 2nd Canadian Motor MG Brigades (each of 5x8 gun batteries), Canadian Cyclist battalion, one section of medium trench-mortars mounted on lorries (plus an assumed wireless and medical support) This totalled 80 machine guns and about 300 cyclist infantry.
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