• Cache Meta Language
    Cache Meta Language
    Cache Meta Language is a computer programming language used to configure high-speed caching functionality in web server software such as lighttpd, which couples the functionality with that of memcache, a memory-based caching system....

    , a language for configuring web server caching
  • Chemical Markup Language
    Chemical Markup Language
    CML is an approach to managing molecular information using tools such as XML and Java. It was the first domain specific implementation based strictly on XML, first based on a DTD and later on XML Schema, the most robust and widely used system for precise information management in many areas...

    , a representation of chemistry using XML
  • Column Managed Lengths, a representation of data in columns
  • Concurrent ML
    Concurrent ML
    Concurrent ML is a concurrent extension of the Standard ML programming language.-Sample Code:Here is sample code to print "hello, world" to the console. It spawns a thread which creates a channel for strings. This thread then spawns another thread which prints the first string that is received...

    , a high-level language for concurrent programming
  • Concurrent Mapping and Localization, a technique for building and utilizing maps by autonomous robots
  • Configuration Menu Language
    Configuration Menu Language
    Configuration Menu Language was used, in Linux kernel versions prior to 2.5.45, to configure the values that determine the composition and exact functionality of the kernel. Many possible variations in kernel functionality can exist; and customization is possible, for instance for the...

    , a language and system for compiling the Linux kernel
  • Conversation Markup Language
    Conversation Markup Language
    CML is a tag-based language to build a chat bot brain. It is a derivative of AIML.-Key benefits:*Tree-based conversation model to build complex real-life conversations...

    , a language for build chatbot
  • Coupled Map Lattices, an extended method of cellular automaton
  • Current mode logic
    Current mode logic
    Current mode logic , or source-coupled logic , is a differential digital logic family intended to transmit data at speeds between 312.5 Mbit/s and 3.125 Gbit/s over a standard printed circuit board....

    , a differential digital logic family


  • Centre for Missional Leadership
    Centre for Missional Leadership
    The Centre for Missional Leadership is a branch office of the London School of Theology. It is based in Watford, 20 miles northwest of central London. CML teaches applied theology with the aim of equipping Christians for practical evangelism. Located on the Watford High Street, CML is an urban...

    , the Watford campus of the London School of Theology
  • Cinematography Mailing List
    Cinematography Mailing List
    The Cinematography Mailing List is a website and collection of mailing lists founded by Geoffboyle/Geoff Boyle in November 1996. The CML is run on a volunteer basis by professional cinematographers "to promote the free exchange of ideas among fellow professionals, the cinematographer, their camera...

    , a long established and renowned website for professional cinematographers.
  • Classical Marimba League
    Classical Marimba League
    The Classical Marimba League is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of the marimba.The musical repertoire for the marimba in the classical concert venue is quite young and sparse...

    , an organization promoting the marimba, a percussion instrument.
  • CML - Institute of Environmental Sciences, an institute at Leiden University - the Netherlands
  • Columbus Metropolitan Library
    Columbus Metropolitan Library
    The Columbus Metropolitan Library , located in the capital city of Ohio, opened its doors in 1873 in the New City Hall in downtown Columbus. This library is one of the most-used library systems in the country and is consistently among the top-ranked large city libraries according to "Hennen’s...

    , one of the most used library systems in the United States
  • Corpul Muncitoresc Legionar
    Corpul Muncitoresc Legionar
    Corpul Muncitoresc Legionar or Corpul Muncitorilor Legionari was a fascist association of workers in Romania, created inside the Iron Guard and having a rigid hierarchical structure...

    , a Romanian fascist workers' association
  • Council of Mortgage Lenders
    Council of Mortgage Lenders
    The Council of Mortgage Lenders is an industry body representing mortgage lenders in the United Kingdom.Its members consist of banks, building societies and specialist lenders and represent 98% of mortgage lending in the UK....

    , a trade association for the British mortgage lending industry
  • CML Microcircuits
    CML Microcircuits
    CML Microcircuits Ltd is a UK-based manufacturer of semiconductor based system solutions. Today, CML is part of the CML Microsystems Group PLC, who operate through subsidiaries located in the UK, the United States, Germany and Singapore...

    , a Global Semiconductor Manufacturer


  • Chronic myelogenous leukemia
    Chronic myelogenous leukemia
    Chronic myelogenous leukemia , also known as chronic granulocytic leukemia , is a cancer of the white blood cells. It is a form of leukemia characterized by the increased and unregulated growth of predominantly myeloid cells in the bone marrow and the accumulation of these cells in the blood...

    , a blood malignancy
  • BCR gene
    BCR gene
    The BCR gene is one of the two genes in the bcr-abl complex, which is associated with the Philadelphia chromosome.-Pathology:...

    , a gene associated with Philadelphia chromosome
  • CML
    - Computing :* Cache Meta Language, a language for configuring web server caching* Chemical Markup Language, a representation of chemistry using XML* Column Managed Lengths, a representation of data in columns...

    , cognitive matrix level substrate neurological function


  • Camarillo (Amtrak station)
    Camarillo (Amtrak station)
    The Camarillo Amtrak/Metrolink Station is an Amtrak and Metrolink rail station in the city of Camarillo, California. It is served by both Amtrak's Pacific Surfliner from San Luis Obispo to San Diego and Metrolink's Ventura County Line from Los Angeles Union Station to Montalvo...

     (station code CML), a train station in California, United States
  • Capital market line, the result when the market portfolio is combined with the risk-free asset
  • Certified Master Locksmith
    Certified Master Locksmith
    Certified Master Locksmith is a trade qualification awarded to members of the Associated Locksmiths of America who have passed the required tests.This is the fourth of four designations available from ALOA...

    , as awarded by the Associated Locksmiths of America
  • 950 in Roman numerals
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