Burow's solution
Burow's solution is a pharmacological preparation made of aluminium acetate
Aluminium acetate
Aluminium acetates are the aluminium salts of acetic acid. Three such salts exist:* neutral Aluminium triacetate, Al3* basic Aluminium diacetate, HOAl2* basic Aluminium monoacetate, 2AlC2H3O2-Synthesis:...

 dissolved in water. It was invented in the mid-19th century by Karl August Burow, an ophthalmologist.

The preparation has astringent
An astringent substance is a chemical compound that tends to shrink or constrict body tissues, usually locally after topical medicinal application. The word "astringent" derives from Latin adstringere, meaning "to bind fast"...

 and antibacterial properties and is used to treat a number of skin conditions such as insect bites, rash
A rash is a change of the skin which affects its color, appearance or texture. A rash may be localized in one part of the body, or affect all the skin. Rashes may cause the skin to change color, itch, become warm, bumpy, chapped, dry, cracked or blistered, swell and may be painful. The causes, and...

es caused by poison ivy and poison sumac
Poison Sumac
Poison sumac is a woody shrub or small tree growing to 7 m tall. All parts of the plant contain a resin called urushiol that causes skin and mucous membrane irritation to humans...

, swelling, allergies and bruise
A bruise, also called a contusion, is a type of relatively minor hematoma of tissue in which capillaries and sometimes venules are damaged by trauma, allowing blood to seep into the surrounding interstitial tissues. Bruises can involve capillaries at the level of skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle,...

s. Burow's solution is traditionally applied in cold compresses over the affected area. In otology
Otology is a branch of biomedicine which studies normal and pathological anatomy and physiology of the ear as well as its diseases, diagnosis and treatment....

, it is applied as ear drops of a 0.13% solution.
Burow's solution is available over the counter as a generic
Generic drug
A generic drug is a drug defined as "a drug product that is comparable to brand/reference listed drug product in dosage form, strength, route of administration, quality and performance characteristics, and intended use." It has also been defined as a term referring to any drug marketed under its...

 preparation. Bayer
Bayer AG is a chemical and pharmaceutical company founded in Barmen , Germany in 1863. It is headquartered in Leverkusen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and well known for its original brand of aspirin.-History:...

also manufactures a modified form of the preparation under the commercial name Domeboro.

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