Buri may refer to:
  • Búri
    Búri was the first god in Norse mythology. He is the father of Borr and grandfather of Odin, Vili and Ve. He was formed by the cow Auðumbla licking the salty ice of Ginnungagap. The only extant source of this myth is Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda.Búri is mentioned nowhere in the Poetic Edda and...

    , a Norse god
  • Buri (Germanic tribe)
    Buri (Germanic tribe)
    The Buri were a Germanic tribe mentioned in the Germania of Tacitus, where they initially "close the back" of the Marcomanni and Quadi of Bohemia and Moravia. It is said that their speech and customs were like those of the Suebi...

    , an ancient Germanic people
  • Burs (Dacia)
    Burs (Dacia)
    The Burs were a Dacian tribe living in Dacia in the 1st and 2nd centuries Common Era, with their capital city at Buridava.- Name :...

    , also called the Buri / Buridavensi an ancient Dacian tribe
  • Buri, São Paulo
    Buri, São Paulo
    Buri is a municipality in the state of São Paulo in Brazil. The population in 2003 is 19,324 and the area is 1197.7 km². The elevation is 590 m....

    , a city in Brazil
  • Buri Palm or Corypha
    Corypha is a genus of six or seven species of palms , native to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, New Guinea, and northeastern Australia...

    , a genus of fan palm
  • Japanese amberjack
    Japanese amberjack
    The Japanese amberjack or yellowtail, Seriola quinqueradiata, is a fish in the family Carangidae. It is native to the northwest Pacific, from Japan to Hawaii....

    , yellowtail, hamachi, or buri, a sushi fish
  • Buri Peninsula
    Buri Peninsula
    The Buri Peninsula extends from central Eritrea north into the Red Sea. To its west lies the Gulf of Zula. Varied in geography, it features mangroves and salt pans. It is known for its wildlife, including ostriches, hamadryas baboons and wild asses. Notable elevations include Mount Dulhi and...

    , a part of Eritrea
  • Büri
    Buri was a son of Mutugen and a grandson of Chagatai khan. His name - Buri - means Wolf. According to Rashid-al-Din Hamadani, Buri's mother was a wife of Chagatai khan's one official. She was a beauty, and Mutuken was attracted by her while she served in Khan's ger. Mutuken made her pregnant...

    , a prince of the Chagatai Khanate.
  • Taj al-Mulk Buri, an atabeg of Damascus during the Crusades
    The Crusades were a series of religious wars, blessed by the Pope and the Catholic Church with the main goal of restoring Christian access to the holy places in and near Jerusalem...

  • Buri, a Swiss German surname

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  • Sing Buri
    Sing Buri
    Sing Buri is a town in Thailand, capital of the Sing Buri province. The town covers the whole tambon Bang Phutsa and parts of Bang Man, Muang Mu, Ton Pho and Bang Krabue, all within Mueang Sing Buri district. As of 2006 it has a population of 19,470.-External links:* *...

    , a place in Thailand
  • Buriram
    Buri Ram is a town in Thailand, capital of the Buriram Province, about 410 km northeast of Bangkok. The town covers the whole tambon Nai Mueang of Mueang Buriram district...

    , a place in Thailand
  • Bury (disambiguation)
    Bury (disambiguation)
    Bury is a town in northern England.Bury may also refer to:*The burial of human remains.*wrestler burial or bury angle, a slang term used in the world of wrestling.*HMS Bury, a Hunt class minesweeper of the Royal Navy from World War I....

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