Bullaun, County Galway
Bullaun is a village in east County Galway
County Galway
County Galway is a county in Ireland. It is located in the West Region and is also part of the province of Connacht. It is named after the city of Galway. Galway County Council is the local authority for the county. There are several strongly Irish-speaking areas in the west of the county...

, Ireland. It lies 6 km northeast of Loughrea
Loughrea is a town in County Galway, Ireland. The town lies north of a range of wooded hills, the Slieve Aughty Mountains.The town expanded in recent years as it increasingly becomes a commuter town for the city of Galway.- Name :...

 on the R350
R350 road
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 regional road
Regional road
A regional road in Ireland is a class of road not forming a major route , but nevertheless forming a link in the national route network. There are over 11,600 kilometres of regional roads. Regional roads are numbered with three digit route numbers, prefixed by "R" A regional road in Ireland is a...

. It shares its parish with a village called New Inn.

There are many ancient land features scattered throughout the village, as exemplified by placenames such as Ballyara and Turoe. The townland of Lakafinna, to the South of Bullaun, contains an old castle and the local water scheme. It is local folklore that an unused tunnel exists between this castle and close to a house in Ballyara formerly of Paddy Finnerty. There is also a river which flows through Bullaun which used to have vast quantities of fresh water salmon of high quality. A well known place for fishing this quality fish was down behind Mick Brophys turf shed. There are no salmon there nowadays as over fishing and pollution has caused them to be virtually extinct in East Galway.

Bullaun has its own yearly festival called the "tribes of the Village". This has a number of events which all contribute towards the eventual winner. The last few years has produced some close finishes between the "Gorta boys" and the "Bally boys". In the past teams such as the "Carra boys" and the "Benmore boys" were victorious but have been shy of success since the turn of the millennium.

The village also contains St.Patrick's church, a pub called the Harbour Bar and is home to the Turoe stone
Turoe stone
The Turoe stone is a granite stone decorated in a Celtic style located in the village of Bullaun, County Galway, Ireland, 6 km north of Loughrea off the R350 regional road...


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