Buer, Germany
Buer is the largest suburb of Gelsenkirchen. The Hochstrasse in the heart of Buer is the largest shopping street in Gelsenkirchen.


In 1928, the adjoining cities of Buer, Gelsenkirchen, and Horst
Horst is a Germanic word meaning "eagle's nest" and "man from the forest" . It may refer to:-Given name:* Horst * Horst Buchholz, a German actor* Horst Bulau, a Canadian ski jumper...

 merged to form Gelsenkirchen-Buer, which was renamed Gelsenkirchen in 1930.

The Scholven
Scholven Power Station
Scholven Power Station is a E.ON owned coal-fired power station in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Its installed output capacity of 2300 MW it is one of the most powerful coal-fired power stations in Europe.-Structure:...

synthetic oil plant was a bombing target of the Oil Campaign of World War II
Oil Campaign of World War II
The Allied Oil Campaign of World War II was directed at facilities supplying Nazi Germany with petroleum, oil, and lubrication products...

 (the Buer town hall survived in nearly original form).
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